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12 fruity whisky drinks for the citrus and berry lovers

ballantines finest stay berry whisky pitcher drink

Feeling fruity? Look no further, because we’ve got some juicy cocktails that’ll be right up your street. Whisky is often found paired with spiced, creamy flavours, but its light honeyed sweetness is also a perfect match for your favourite fruits. 

What’s the best juice to mix with whisky?

Choosing the best juice to mix with whisky depends largely on what you like and the flavour profile you’re going for. Popular choices include apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. These are readily available and versatile, working wonderfully with many whisky types and in an array of cocktail recipes.

But you can be as adventurous or as experimental as you like. Try freshly squeezed lemon juice, sweet watermelon or refreshing aloe vera for something different. Or juice together your own bespoke blend for a signature whisky cocktail that’s all about you.

The best fruity whisky drinks

Whether you’re into tangy citrus, bursting berries or more tropical produce, there’s a cocktail recipe for you. So get juicing and shake up our shortlist of the best fruity whisky drinks.

Lychee Sour

We’re kicking things off with an exotic twist on a classic cocktail, the lychee sour. Inspired by Southeast Asia’s native fruit, this drink is deliciously simple, with lychee juice and fresh lemon elevating the sweet flavours of Ballantine’s Finest.

Apple Pop

Get fresh and fruity with the Apple Pop. Our whisky and apple juice cocktail is seriously refreshing, and the best news is it can be mixed up in minutes. 

Choose cloudy apple juice for a more natural flavour and top with soda water to give it that famous pop. The perfect serve for your spontaneous summer BBQ.

Lychee Sour

Fruity, zesty and takes less than 2 minutes to pour out a round. Shake up this eastern delight for some extra host points at your next party.


Whisky & Grapefruit

One sip of this, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of Grapefruit in your cocktail rotation, we promise.


Ballantine’s and Grapefruit

Grapefruit… it’s the marmite of the fruit world, but here at Ballantine’s we’re a big fan. If you like your drinks on the sour side, then our grapefruit whisky cocktail is a recipe you’ll want to remember. 

The bitter citrus fruit is sweetened by smooth, blended scotch for a softer, lighter finish. The only drink you’ll ever need for this year’s heatwave.

Berry Beer

Beer and berries? Sure thing. There’s no wrong way to drink Ballantine’s and this blueberry whisky cocktail is proof. 

Muddle ripe blueberries with whisky, lemon and honey and give a good shake. Then simply top up with light beer for a drink that’ll have your guests begging for the recipe.

Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.


Passion Fruit Sour

A fruity and exotic twist on a classic puts this cocktail into the fancy-party league. Mix it up if you’re aiming to impress.


Orange Highball

Miss your childhood juice box? We’ve got you covered. This tangy, sweet cocktail mixes whisky and orange juice with triple sec and lemon soda to make a highball worthy of any summer gathering. It’s essentially adult OJ, so you know it’ll go down a storm.

Passion Sour

We’re passionate about this particular drink. Meet the passion fruit sour, a game-changing cocktail that’s bursting with flavour and memories of your holidays in the tropics. And the best thing is, it only takes two minutes to whip up. 

Sharp, sweet passion fruit purée is what gives this cocktail extra punch, with an added squeeze of fresh lime juice. 


Berry Pitcher

Who doesn’t love a pitcher at a party? Next time you’re hosting, shake up your cocktail routine and try something new with this whisky cranberry cocktail. Mixing berries with elderflower, fizz, apple and lemon, it’s as light as a summer punch can get. Make sure to put out extra glasses because your guests will be wanting more.

Wild Sour

Amen to the cherry whisky sour. This variation on the classic sour is bursting with fruity sweetness from fresh, ripe cherries, sugary cherry syrup and – the cherry on top – our very own cherry flavoured whisky, Ballantine’s Wild. Make a round during cocktail hour and you’ve got yourself some seriously valuable hosting points.

Cherry Whisky Sour

Class up the cocktails at your next big night in with this fruity twist on a much-loved classic; the cherry whisky sour.


The Guadalupe

Take your tastebuds to the tropics with our whisky pineapple cocktail. The Guadalupe is as delicious as it looks, worthy of any beach bar menu. You might want to stock up on ingredients if you plan on serving it this summer, but the effort’s more than worth it.

Grilled pineapple is what makes this drink a showstopper serve, so get the barbie on – it’s cocktail hour!


Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour

If you want something fruity to drink during the colder months, then give this cocktail a go. The cranberry orange whisky sour is a tart, citrus drink that combines our favourite festive fruits with a fiery fizz of ginger beer and Ballantine’s Finest scotch whisky. The perfect serve for any holiday party.

Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour

This wintery Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour featuring Ballantine’s Finest is the perfect complement to your holiday menu.


Apple Old Fashioned

If you’re a fan of classic cocktails with a fruity twist, then you need to give an apple cider old fashioned a go. This beloved drink has been a staple for centuries, thanks to its short and sweet finish that comes from a simple mix of whisky, sugar, and bitters. And the best part is, it’s the perfect base for adding your own unique twist.

Simply stir in a shot of apple cider with Ballantine’s 7 Bourbon Barrel Finish, and you’ll have yourself a sweet and tangy sip that’s sure to impress. 

Ballantine’s and Lemon Soda

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this drink – with just two ingredients (and tons of ice) you can be sipping its citrusy sweetness in seconds. 

This whisky lemon cocktail is one for those who live a zesty life. So go to town with your favourite lemon soda and don’t forget a freshly squeezed lemon wedge for extra bite.

Apple Cider Old Fashioned

A new spin on an old classic…meet the Apple Cider Old Fashioned. Made with only 4 key ingredients, this serve may be simple but it’s guaranteed to turn heads!


Whisky & Sprite

Sweet, long and refreshing, Ballantine’s & Lemon Soda sounds like the perfect weekend in a glass and tastes like Saturday night just started.


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