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Ballantines 12 Year Old Penicillin Drink

Prescribe yourself the Penicillin, a fiery Scotch classic to kick off your weekend in style. No doctors necessary.

The best scotch for a Penicillin cocktail

A classic Penicillin uses two types of scotch to get that hit of smoke and spice. First, a blended whisky to create the Whisky Sour style base. We use Ballantine’s 10 Year Old for it’s light smoothness that balances the fiery citrus zing of ginger and lemon. Next up is the float of peaty Islay whisky. This gives the Penicillin a serious kick so choose one that’s big and smoky.

Penicillin Ingredients

How to make a Penicillin

  • Shake the first 3 ingredients with ice.
  • Strain into an ice filled glass.
  • Top with Islay Whisky and garnish with candied ginger.

Make it a shot

Like your drinks short? You can’t get quicker than a Pencillin shot. Keep the ratio the same in smaller quantities to make up this fiery mouthful. Guaranteed to wake up the night.


The lemon, honey and ginger flavours of a Penicillin are as delicious warm as they are cold. The ultimate variation for chilly nights. Swap ice for boiling water to make this a hot Penicillin cocktail, a spicy alternative to a Hot Toddy.

Ballantine’s 10 Year Old

ballantine's 10 year old

PENCILLIN: a cocktail history lesson

Short history, big impact. The Penicillin’s origins might be from the 2000s but it’s quickly become a staple on the list of most popular whisky drinks. Straight outta NYC, this modern-classic was created by Sam Ross during his time on the bartending scene. A true drink of the people. By experimenting with well-known recipes like the Gold Rush and Whisky Sour, his scotch and honey-ginger twist was an immediate hit. Great things come from doing it your way.

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