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Turn up the heat with these spicy whisky cocktails

rza x flying goose Caledonia Caliente chilli whisky cocktail

Whisky and spice are made for each other. Sure, whisky is inherently smooth, sweet and creamy. But it’s also packed with tangy notes that add a little heat. Like ginger, cinnamon and black pepper.

Aside from these aromatic notes, whisky works wonders when mixed with a little extra kick. Creating drinks that are both warming yet refreshing come summer.

If you like spice, stick around. This list’s for those who can handle the heat. Here’s our favourite spicy whisky cocktails.

How to add spice to your cocktails

You can spice up a cocktail in many ways, be it with pepper, ginger or cinnamon. Muddle in fresh chilli, mix in dried powder, pour in syrup or garnish with a jalapeno. Depending on your heat preference, you can add go from a slight hint to a serious kick.

Our favourite way to bring the heat is with our first ever Ballantine’s inspired sriracha sauce, in collaboration with Flying Goose and RZA. Taking inspiration from the flavour notes of Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel, it combines red apples, pear and caramel with a bold sriracha kick. Guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling.

And if you want some spicy snacks to go with your spicy cocktails, we’ve got those too. From lip-smacking vegan ramen to crispy tofu nuggets.

Spicy whisky cocktail recipes

Cocktail hour just got spicy. From ginger warmers to refreshing chilli serves, we’ve created a shortlist of our favourite spicy whisky drinks. 

Flying Scotsman

You can’t go wrong with a Whisky Sour. And you can’t go wrong when you add a spiced twist.

Turn up the heat on this classic cocktail with our Spicy Whisky Sour recipe, made with a dash of zingy sriracha sauce. 

It’s thrilling, fun and original. A definite trendsetter order. Make it at home or challenge your bartender to redefine this old school drink.

Flying Scotsman

Embrace the fiery thrill and let our Flying Scotsman redefine your sipping experience. This cocktail was created using the RZA Presents: Ballantine’s x Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce.


The Brooklyn Mary

Meet the Brooklyn Mary aka our Wu-Tang inspired take on a Bloody Mary, created with the RZA Presents: Ballantine’s x Flying Goose Sriracha.


The Brooklyn Mary

Brunch cocktails just got better. Meet the Brooklyn Mary, our spicy Bloody Mary recipe created with an extra hot kick from our RZA presents: Ballantine’s X Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce

Swapping vodka for warming whisky, this Wu-Tang spiced twist is all about those smooth, sweet notes. Ripe pear, creamy caramel and toffee apples – you might not think it would work with a tomato juice base but trust us, it just does.

Whisky and Ginger Beer

Add spice the ginger way with this classic whisky mixer. It’s fiery, sweet, tangy and so refreshing you’ll drink it all summer long. And with just two ingredients, Whisky and Ginger Beer couldn’t be easier to make.

Want it even more refreshing? Add lime and mint to garnish and you’ve got yourself a Kentucky Mule. We make ours with Ballantine’s Finest, our best-selling, award-winning blended scotch whisky that’s stayed true to the original recipe since 1910.

Glenburgie Goose

Get your heat from the tropics with this mango chilli cocktail. Fruity, fresh and full of fire, this drink’s a real crowd pleaser. Especially when the music’s pumping and the grills grilling.

Fresh lime juice, mango, sriracha sauce and smooth whisky are your main ingredients. Topped with a mint sprig and tons of ice.

Glenburgie Goose

Meet the Glenburgie Goose, a tangy blend of Ballantine’s, Mango, Lime and a touch of spice from our RZA Presents: Ballantine’s X Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce. A bold refreshing twist awaits.


Caledonia Caliente

A cocktail with a kick! Sip on our Caledonia Caliente, a fiery cocktail created using the RZA Presents: Ballantine’s x Flying Goose Sriracha sauce.


Caledonia Caliente

Forget your usual and make the unusual. Caledonia Caliente is a chilli whisky cocktail that’s surprisingly good. Sriracha and chilli pepper bring the heat, whilst coriander and lime bring the freshness.

There’s also agave nectar for sweetness and our super smooth scotch whisky for a soft, creamy finish. Serve to unsuspecting guests alongside our cauliflower tacos. It’s the perfect cocktail for sipping between bites of something spiced.


Smoke meets spice in the Penicillin. A fiery modern-classic that’s a true drink of the people. Scotch, ginger and lemon create a Whisky Sour style base. Topped with a float of peaty Islay single malt for a big, smoky first sip. 

Make it short, make it hot or make it a shot. However you mix up a Penicillin, do it with Ballantine’s 12 Year Old for light, creamy sweetness.


Prescribe yourself the Penicillin, a fiery Scotch classic to kick off your weekend in style. No doctors necessary.


After more inspiration? We’ve got plenty of whisky cocktail recipes to make at home with Ballantine’s. Some are spicy, some are sweet. All are delicious. From cinnamon whisky drinks to cocktails served hot. And don’t forget to check out our limited edition sriracha sauce, RZA Presents: Ballantine’s X Flying Goose.

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