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Ballantine’s Brasil

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Brazil is filled with free-spirited people who stay true to themselves.

They celebrate the small pleasures of life, embrace their passions and follow the beat of their own drum. We wanted to bring a little taste of that to anyone’s who’s up for it.

Ballantine’s Brasil is a vibrant mix of scotch whisky and lime flavourings, infusing the scotch with a zesty lime tang. It’s made for spontaneity, for letting your feelings take the lead, for doing – and drinking – whatever makes you feel good.


Gold like a sunny evening in Rio.


Lime zest with delicate vanilla scent.


Perfect balance of refreshing lime, sweet vanilla and creamy flavours of Scotch.


Refreshing lime tang with a soft dry finish.

ballantines rooftop drinks

Break open a bottle of Brazilian spirit to add some vibrant, zesty energy, and then take it from there.

Pour it over ice with lemonade, throw together a Caipirinha-style drink or anything that feels right in the moment. Anything is worth celebrating… so why wait for a moment when you can make a moment happen?



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Brasil & Lemonade

Ballantine's Brasil Scotch Whisky and Lemonade