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Get juicy with these whisky orange cocktails

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Salt and pepper, Batman and Robin, bow and arrow. Some things are just meant to go together. And when it comes to whisky, pairing it with orange makes for a seriously tasty duo.

That’s because orange by itself is tart with a lightly sweet finish. But when combined with whisky, the citrus notes are perfect at complementing robust whisky flavours.

Whether you’re enjoying a warm summer night, hosting a Halloween hangout, or heading to your favourite bar, squeeze the most out of your night with these citrusy sweet whisky orange cocktails.

Squeeze ’em, juice ’em, or peel ’em. It might be just one fruit, but it creates endless cocktail possibilities.

Whisky and Orange juice

This two-ingredient cocktail is easy to make but results in a fun and fresh drink. Ballantine’s Finest blended scotch whisky is a great choice for this cocktail as the hint of spice, subtle sweet flavours of chocolate and vanilla, and the floral aftertaste work perfectly with the citrus notes from orange juice. Ideal as a summer serve, it also works wonderfully as a drink to serve up at any brunch get-together.

orange whisky highball


Another cocktail based on whisky and orange juice, the Orange Highball also mixes in Triple Sec and lemon soda. Sharp but sweet, the fizz in this drink helps the flavours dance around the mouth whilst the extra hit of citrus makes it even more refreshing.

ballantines 7 bourbon finish

B7 Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned does things in a classic way, and this B7 variety is no different. This cocktail combines the creamy caramel and pear notes of our American barrel-aged scotch with orange bitters. Serve in a rocks glass and sip away on a cold night for a drink that is as warming as it is wonderful.

orange whisky cocktails

Finest Spritz My Way

A delicious twist on an Italicus spritz, this whisky cocktail is full to the brim with bubbles thanks to soda water and champagne. The flavours of rosemary and bergamot muddle with citrus, red apple and honey for a fragrant serve that is ideal for any occasion.


Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour

Cranberry, orange, and whisky. What a trio! This twist on a classic whisky sour is spicy and fruity which makes it a great option for festive parties. The whisky and ginger add warmth which is just what you need on winter nights.  Why not try this cranberry orange whisky sour next time you feel a nip in the air?

Orange Twist

An Old Fashioned cocktail with a twist, this drink is a testament to the fact that older whisky blends can create something effortlessly cool and contemporary. Generous amounts of bitters add botanical and citrus flavours that meld like magic with the deep and complex flavours of Ballantine’s 23 year scotch.

Passion & Orange Fanta

This Fanta cocktail is sunshine in a glass. It’s deliciously fruity thanks to Ballantine’s Passion tropical whisky, which uses the juicy flavours of kiwi, honeydew melon and grapefruit whilst orange Fanta adds sublime citrus and fizz. It’ll add fun to any summer party so all that’s left to do is select the soundtrack and enjoy soaking up the sun.

Looking for more delicious ways to combine whisky and fruit flavours? Take a look at our favourite apple whisky drinks. Or want a new and exciting way to serve up Ballantine’s? Then you’ll want to check out our guide to whisky jello shots.

Our whisky cocktail recipes will give you even more inspiration. Follow them to a tee or mix them up for a drink that’s as unique as you are.

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