Ballantine's Light served with cola Ballantine's Light served with cola


We thought: it’s not right that less alcohol means less taste. So we cut back some alcohol, and left the taste in.

Say hello to the latest addition to our range, Ballantine’s Light. A bespoke new spirit drink from our blending team, bottled at 20% ABV – half the strength of Ballantine’s Finest. Behind this seemingly simple result lies years of blending expertise, allowing Ballantine’s to create the great depth of flavour that has made us the No.1 Scotch brand in Europe.

It’s made for the occasions when you want to drink differently, and still enjoy “the usual”.

Ballantine's Light on the rocks


Ballantine’s Light is for those who know that the choice to be different shows their strength. That letting go of something can mean more control. You don’t have to choose between today and tomorrow. Do both.

Ballantine’s Light goes equally as well with all the occasions when you’d normally enjoy a Finest but just fancy a bit less alcohol – during afterwork drinks, when your mates are over or when you’re at the club.

Ballantine's Light group cheers
Ballantine's Light with cola

We recommend you enjoy Ballantine’s Light neat, on the rocks or with good old cola.

But as you know, you can enjoy it with any mixer you want. There's no wrong way.

*Ballantine’s Light contains half the alcohol of Ballantine’s Finest