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Introducing Ballantine’s Sunshine

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Meet Ballantine’s Sunshine, our newest pineapple flavoured whisky-based spirit drink!

There is no better feeling than relaxing in the sun, carefree and un-stressed. It’s only natural to want to savour that moment. That’s why we created Ballantine’s Sunshine, a unique blend of Scotch whisky and fresh pineapple flavours, crafted for those that follow the sun and crave the laidback lifestyle.

Since 1827, we have been innovating and breaking conventional codes of whisky, and Ballantine’s Sunshine is no different. Tradition meets modernity with our most exotic spirit drink yet. We have taken our signature smoothness and crafted a bespoke new flavoured spirit drink inspired by tropical, fruity flavours. The sweet taste of ripe, crunchy pineapple perfectly complements the rich, creamy whisky base to create a refreshingly intense burst of flavour.

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Crafted by our Master Blender Sandy Hyslop after noticing the ever growing interest in flavoured whiskies, the result of months of flavour experimentation is a sweet and easy-going drink for carefree days out in the sun with friends. Whether you’re in a bar, at the beach or throwing a Summer party, Ballantine’s Sunshine is the ideal refreshing drink to enjoy during any moment.

Enjoy on its own flowing over ice, or top with pineapple juice and a wedge of pineapple for a refreshing Summer serve.

If you’re hosting a get-together with friends, why not embrace the Summer inspired flavours of Ballantine’s Sunshine by pairing it with a dish of grilled juicy shrimp and fresh pineapple salsa. The smokiness from the grill will subtly enhance the tropical sweetness of the whisky, while the pineapple salsa mirrors the fruity notes, creating the perfect balance.

Sit back, unwind and embark on a tropical whisky adventure with Ballantine’s Sunshine now!

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