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Boiler Room x Ballantines


Genre bending collaborations from around the world

Boiler Room Ballantines Hybrid Sounds

In 2018, we ventured into unchartered musical territories.

Carrying on our tradition of creating new and exciting music with innovative artists, we travelled to Russia, Brazil, Lebanon and Spain on a tour to bring together pioneering live electronic acts with their more traditional, instrumental counterparts in some of the most musically and culturally diverse cities in the world.Bringing together a clash of genres and musical styles to culminate in a unique 4 track EP made of new sounds- proving that there’s really no wrong way to create and innovate when it comes to music.

Leading the collaborations were London based brothers Overmono, Dutch lo-fi house producer Dollkraut, French musician rRoxymore and innovative Bulgarian producer and DJ KiNK.

Moscow, Russia

From techno to ambient acoustic guitar, Moscow had it all

Ballantines True Music Hybrid Sounds Russia

We dived headfirst into the intersection of electronic and acoustic music as we kicked off our tri-continental tour in style with a stellar line-up in Moscow. On the decks was DJ sensation Or:la whilst the live element was provided by UK duo Overmono as well as Russia’s very own PTU and Pavel Dodonov.

Beirut, Lebanon

Electroclash fused with minimal wave and Arabic indie pop

The second stop took us to the outer fringes of the Mediterranean and into the gateway of the Middle East; Beirut, Lebanon. As we continued our mission of broadcasting exciting underground music to the world, we paired some of electronic music’s leading live acts with their more traditional, instrumental counterparts in this musically and culturally diverse city.

Line up: Miss Kitten, Chaos In The CBD, Dollkraut Band, Jad Taleb, 3Lias, Zeid and Mali

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Baile funk to tropicalia, the hybrid sounds of Sao Paulo

Ballantines Boiler Room Hybrid Sounds Sao Paulo

The third instalment of True Music Hybrid Sounds saw us bringing the most experimentally creative show in our long history with Boiler Room. We hit up Sao Paulo, the club capital of Brazil, with the most experimental show we’ve ever put on. The phenomenal line-up included techno heavyweights, local heroes and a host of electrifying live performances from Brazil’s thriving creative music scene.

Line up: Derrick Carter, rRoxymore, Tom Zé, Teto Preto, Linn De Quebrada

Valencia, Spain

Spanish Nu-Jazz goes back to back with hip hop

Despite not being known as one of the rave capitals of Europe, Valencia has a history of being a prime destination for a unique club sound that dominated this pocket of Spanish coastline in the 80s and early 90s. Dubbed ‘Bacalao’ this local sound was famous for the peerless art of mixing radical genres such as post-punk, new wave, synth pop, gothic rock and the first electronic rock songs we now lovingly call proto-techno. With this unique cultural history in mind, we’re brought the philosophy of Bacalao home to Valencia with an impressive and diverse line-up of local and international talent to round off our Hybrid x Sounds series.

Line up: KiNK, Octave One, Kornél Kovács, Children of Zeus, Big Menu w/ Kyne

ballantines boiler room true music africa ghana 2
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Boiler Room

Over the last six years we’ve partnered with Boiler Room, the world’s biggest broadcaster of new underground music, with a simple mission – showcase & celebrate the most credible music scenes & stories from around the world.

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