Boiler Room x Ballantine's | Bogota Boiler Room x Ballantine's | Bogota


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to loosen up those bones as we delve back into the hip-shaking world of the Neo-Perreo scene for the next Ballantine’s x Boiler Room True Music session. This February, we’re heading into new terrain as we touch down in Bogota, Colombia, for a very special showcase of the local Latin American Neo-Perreo sounds of Guaracha and Reggaeton dance music.

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27 Feb 2020 - 28 Feb 2020


Known for its rich musical history, Colombia’s musical roots were born out of influence of the Caribbean and Latin American indigenous culture; from the originating vibrant sounds of dancehall, salsa and cumbria to the rise of rock and urban music years through the 1980s. Today, Colombia is at the epicentre of the explosion of the Reggaeton Latino urbano sounds, with the Puerto Rican-rooted diaspora paving the way for the rise of Reggaeton in a new guise spreading through the local music events.

It’s a musical territory we explored back at our seminal True Music Madrid party last year, where the local underground music scene was bubbling with new devilishly Mediterranean interpretations of the reggaeton rhythms. In Bogota, Reggaeton is mixed with electronic synths and Guaracha sounds, a Colombian tribal house born out of the underground, to create a genre-defying soundtrack for socially transgressive parties. Colombia’s pop-Reggaeton scene has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years, with Bogotá leading the charge in redefining the perception of the genre.

Continuing on our Take a Stand for True Music mission we’re celebrating the most vital artists in the blossoming scene with a debut broadcast out of Colombia to shine a light on the diverse, inclusive community and sharing it with the world. The line-up features a heavy-hitting roster of the whos-who of the country’s most exciting rappers, DJs and selectors. Get ready to get those knees, hips, and cheeks in motion as we introduce you to the firestarters set to light up the dancefloor of the True Music Bogota show: