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Felipe Pantone

Limited Edition Series
Ballantine's felipe pantone

In 2018 we partnered with renowned kinetic artist and music creative, Felipe Pantone.

His face remains a mystery, but his work speaks volumes. Here, Pantone combines music and art with three limited-edition designs for Ballantine’s Finest and Ballantine’s 12 Year Old, drawing inspiration from his street art roots and radical soundwave patterns.

Everything Started With Grafitti

Moved by the Latin phrase, ‘Motu Proprio‘, Pantone would find his spot and paint whatever came into his head. Often jumping from city to city, the artists’ nomadic upbringing created connections to people rather than places – which is perhaps why his work continues to transcend language barriers.

To date, his art has adorned iconic music spaces including Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel and featured in music videos for Anderson Paak and an album cover for Julian Casablancas.

Ballantine's felipe pantone
ballantines felipe pantone finest

Ballantine’s Finest Limited Edition

With distinctive geometric patterns, vivid colours and holograms, Felipe’s sleeve design includes multi-coloured arches, referencing Ballantine’s depth of flavour. These are layered against bold black and white stripes, emulating sound waves passing through the rich liquid.

ballantines felipe pantone bottle finest

Ballantine’s Finest Limited Edition Tin

Pantone’s classic arches are used again to highlight the whisky’s depth of flavour, whilst the radial black and white lines reflect the oak casks used to mature Ballantine’s Finest.

ballantines felipe pantone bottle 12 year old

Ballantine’s 12 Year Old Limited Edition Tin

Inspired by underground club culture and the recording process, Pantone’s limited-edition tin has a refined pattern of seamless, coloured panels which resemble an equaliser. This highlights the perfect balance of flavour in Ballantine’s 12 Year Old.

ballantines shawna x indoor talent
Stay True

Limited Edition Series

Every year we partner with a creative to design our limited-edition series, championing those who do things their own way.

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