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Cherry Blossom Highball

Ballantine's Miltonduff Cherry Blossom Highball

Swap dessert for this delicious drink – a light floral cocktail with surprising complex notes of pear and scotch whisky. Served highball style with a classy cherry blossom garnish.

Cherry Blossom Highball Ingredients

How to make a Cherry Blossom Highball

  • Place the cherry blossom facing to the side of the ice moulds before filling with water and freezing overnight
  • Create a flavoured liquid by adding crème de poire to water.
  • Submerge the garnished ice cubes with the flavoured liquid and place back in the freezer for 24 hours.
  • Place two ungarnished cubes, followed by a single garnished cube, in a highball glass.
  • Add Miltonduff 15 Year Old Single Malt and top up with Soda.
  • Take your time to sip and savour. As the ice melts, it will accentuate the wonderful flavours of the whisky.

Miltonduff 15 Year Old

ballantines miltonduff 15 year old
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