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7 Tea-Infused Whisky Cocktails to mix up this summer

Ballantine's whisky ice tea cocktail recipe

Turn the humble cuppa into a tipple worthy of a toast with a tea-infused cocktail. Whisky in tea is a perfect pairing and we have 6 delicious sweet tea and scotch recipes for you to make at home.

So pop the kettle on and have a go at our favourite whisky and tea cocktails.

Top whisky iced tea cocktails

Iced Sweet Tea

You’re never too cool for a glug of classic iced tea. Sweet and refreshing yet super easy to make, there’s a reason this summer drink is always a crowd pleaser.

Mix whisky and iced tea with lemon wedges and mint for a thirst quenching beverage. We love it with our newest bottle, Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel Finish, a soft golden blend with floral, apple notes.

Pop the kettle on whilst you take a glance at our Iced Sweet Tea recipe. Cool yet surprisingly warming, it’s the ultimate British cocktail no matter the forecast.

Earl Grey Old Fashioned

Put the T in this timeless cocktail with a brew-inspired twist. Hints of orange, bergamot and bourbon mean this aromatic blend will go down a treat at home, a dinner party or in the office this National Tea Day.

You’ll have to plan ahead for this suave concoction. Infuse an Earl Grey tea bag with Ballantine’s whisky in an airtight container for 24 hours. Or create an Earl Grey simple syrup by adding a cup of sugar to freshly brewed tea. 

Add your tea-infused whisky or syrup to our Old Fashioned recipe and voila! Sit back and feel smug – you’re a true cocktail connoisseur. 

Iced Hibiscus Tea

Who said tea had to be traditional? This floral blend is sure to be a score at your spring soiree, made with freshly brewed hibiscus and a generous hit of whisky. Tart, red, sweet and spicy – sounds like a night you’ll want to remember.

Lemongrass, lime and basil add an exotic twist to your Grandma’s go to refreshment, whilst a splash of Ballantine’s 12 brings a pop of long lasting sweetness.

Discover how to make our Iced Hibiscus Tea Cocktail and enjoy this top whisky tea recipe.

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Whisky Tea Highball

Love whisky? Love tea? This one’s a no brainer. Satisfyingly simple, you can whip up a batch in minutes that’ll keep you happy all night long.

Stir a shot of your preferred black tea with whisky and sugar syrup, pouring into an ice-filled glass. Top up with cold soda water and garnish with orange peel *chefs kiss*. 

Taking it easy? Make your Whisky Tea Highball with our new Ballantine’s Light. This bespoke new spirit is as deep and flavourful as our Ballantine’s Finest but with half the strength. Perfect for those who prefer a lighter drink.

Hot Tea Toddy

April showers got you down? We hear you hun. Spring isn’t always sprung here in the UK but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our par-tea on.

Add a bit of toddy to your tea with this fragrant winter warmer, perfect for cooler evenings all year round. Take our OG Hot Toddy recipe and swap out the boiling water for your favourite blend mixing in a bit of cinnamon, honey and lemon for some serious goodness. 

Try chai for a bit of extra spice or stay classic with your go-to English Breakfast. No matter your brew, this’ll be one to keep close in your cocktail repertoire.

Peach whisky iced tea

Take a leaf out of RZA’s book and sip on this fruity Peach Whisky Iced Tea cocktail. Made in collaboration with the Wu-Tang Clan legend, this fruity serve combines Scotland’s national drink with all-American influences. Sweet peach iced tea is blended with Ballantine’s Finest, plus tart lemon juice, mint leaves and an apple and cinnamon garnish to create a boozy iced tea ideal for sipping while you watch RZA’s trip to the home of Ballantine’s.

ghoulish iced green tea

Iced Green Tea Highball

As fresh as a clear spring morning, this whisky green tea is simplicity at its best. Crisp, light and undeniably classy, who could resist a glass come rain or shine.

Cool a pot of green tea and pour into a splash of Ballantine’s Finest for the ultimate cocktail and chill. Guaranteed to make you look the epitome of sophistication. You’re welcome.

Get the tea brewing and check out how to make your new favourite Iced Green Tea drink.


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