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How to turn your cocktails in whisky jello shots

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Looking for something to amp up the fun at your next party, gathering or bbq? Don’t underestimate the humble whisky jello shot, or jelly, depending on which side of the pond you’re on.

Jello shots are a little bit silly, but in the best possible way. Anyone who doesn’t muster a smile at wibbly wobbly mini versions of your favourite whisky drinks is someone to be rather suspicious of.

These mini mouthfuls of whisky and jello deliciousness are sure to add an element of entertainment to any occasion, and you may be surprised at how easy they are to make and customise. 

If you want to know how to make jello shots with whisky, stick around.

Whisky Sour Jello Shots

We love the juxtaposition of arguably the most classic whisky cocktail of all time within a jello shot. 

Although having said that, the roaring twenties (when the whisky sour was especially popular), have a good amount in common with the hedonistic and secular lifestyles of today. But enough of the deep reflections, let’s get on with how to make these whisky jello shots.

We’ve decided to use lemon flavoured jelly to make it easy, but you could use plain gelatin and fresh lemon juice if you prefer. You’ll also need to add some sugar syrup if using gelatin.

Bear in mind that you may need to tweak the measurements for all these recipes depending on the brand of jelly you use, how strong you want your whisky jello shots, and how many people you’re serving.



Pour your jelly packet into a jug and add the boiling water. Give it a good stir until the jelly is dissolved. Then add your whisky, cold water and stir again. 

Pour into your jello shot moulds (large ice cube moulds work well), allow to cool and then refrigerate until set.

Then simply pop your shots out of their moulds, add a garnish if you’re feeling fancy, and serve.

ballantines finest whisky sour

Whisky Sour

This cocktail is 150 years old, yet you’ll still find it in the trendiest bars. Give it a go with your favourite Ballantine’s!


Apple Whisky Jello Shots


Tart yet sweet apple is a delicious flavour to pair with whisky, and the bright green of these apple whisky jello shots is sure to turn heads at your party.

We’ve used gelatin sachets for this whisky jello shot recipe as apple flavoured jelly can be tricky to find.


  • 1 sachet of gelatin, such as Dr Oetker, prepared according to packet instructions
  • 430ml of apple juice or apple soda
  • 100ml of Ballantine’s Finest
  • 40ml of sour apple liqueur
  • A couple of drops of green food colouring

Again, feel free to tweak the alcohol quantities, as long as you’re sticking to the liquid quantities recommended for your gelatin.



The gelatin we’re using is dissolved in approximately 8 tbsp of hot water and is then added to your liquid of choice. Make sure everything is thoroughly combined as the gelatin needs to be fully dissolved.

Pour into your moulds and leave to set in the fridge. You may need to let it cool before refrigerating, depending on what kind of gelatin you’ve used.

Once your apple whisky jello shots have reached that perfect wibbly wobbly consistency, carefully remove them from your moulds and arrange however you like before serving. 

Eat them immediately or do something pretty on a platter with apple slices – we’re not judging either way.

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Whisky & Cola Jello Shots


Whisky and cola is one of our favourite simple yet super refreshing whisky drinks. It’s ideal for any occasion and can be created in seconds. 

If it’s one of your favourites too, why not try it in jello shot form? This unexpected twist on an old classic is sure to delight your pals.


  • 1 sachet of gelatin, such as Dr Oetker, prepared according to packet instructions
  • 140ml of Ballantine’s Finest
  • 430ml of cola



This recipe for this whisky jello shot is pretty much the same as the previous one. 

Make the gelatin sachet up using the instructions and then add it to your whisky and cola. It’s a good idea to add the gelatin to just a portion of the cola first and stir thoroughly to ensure it’s fully dissolved. Then combine the rest of the cola and your whisky.

Add to your moulds once more, and you know the drill – leave the set in the fridge.

This whisky jello shot recipe will inevitably create a brown coloured shot, so consider adding a colourful garnish to make them a little prettier. You could use lime wedges or even cherries.

ballantines finest whisky cola

Whisky & Coke

Two’s company and three’s a crowd pleaser. Mix up this three ingredient classic to kick off a night with friends.



So that’s how you make whisky jello shots. Once you’ve nailed the recipes, your whisky jello shots can become your new party trademark, and it’s one we’re sure all your friends will appreciate.


If you want to try out some more whisky drink recipes to impress your friends, take a look at How to Host a Whisky Themed Party at Home or our 10 best classic whisky cocktails.

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