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Valentine’s Day Ideas: Celebrate with Whisky

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner which means it’s time to show that special someone how much they mean to you. You could give the gift of a different kind of gold with their favourite scotch, or even set up a tasting evening to share your whisky love with the one you love. Here are some tips on all the different ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 with whisky.

Make Whisky Part of the Whole Experience

Sharing the whisky experience means double the fun. It can be a key part of an entire evening of relaxation and pleasure, so why not cook their favourite food and have it as an after-dinner treat? The classic way of rounding off a good meal with some whisky is known as a ‘digestif’. The high alcohol volume of whisky means it stimulates the stomach’s enzymes and helps break down food, helping you both feel more comfortable for the rest of the evening. How does a steak and scotch sound this Valentine’s Day?

Romantic Cocktails are Best to Ease Yourself In

If you’re unfamiliar with whisky, you can ease yourself in by adding your favourite mixer. Keep it simple by topping it off with ginger ale, tonic water or something sweet. Some people love it from the very first sip, while others will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it goes down when mixed with a soft drink. Or take it a step further with an easy-to-make cocktail. Ballantine’s blended scotch is a perfect match for countless delicious cocktails, and you can find dozens of great Valentine’s Day cocktail ideas in our whisky cocktails section.  

As You Become More Experienced in Whisky

On your journey into the world of whisky, you’ll soon discover your favourite flavour profiles and find many exciting ways to enjoy scotch. As your interest grows, you might want to expand your Ballantine’s experience beyond our beloved blend from the core range, to more unique choices. Take a look at whisky aged in different casks, such as our American barrel finish, which delivers a sweet and mellow taste. Connoisseurs will want to try our iconic range which has been aged for over 17 years, for an exceptional sip that’s ideal for sharing. 

Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Whisky

Whisky is a match made in heaven for Valentine’s Day. Just as chocolate is a vital part of the big day, it pairs beautifully with whisky. Pick up a high-quality bar of dark chocolate and explore how the flavours merge together and enhance each other. Or spice things up with some suggestive fruit like strawberries and raspberries. Another great pairing is whisky with cheese and charcuterie. There is nothing more romantic than sharing delicious food and a sip of scotch with the person you love. 

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Show just how much you care with a bottle of whisky this Valentine’s Day. Treat them to their favourite blend, or surprise them with something you know they’ll love.

Ballantine’s Finest

Our signature Ballantine’s Finest is perfect for celebrating St Valentine’s. This smooth, well-balanced blended scotch has a harmonious mix of flavours, including oak, vanilla and honey. Making it an excellent choice for a romantic night.

Ballantine’s Wild

Spice up the night with Ballantine’s Wild. Our cherry flavoured whisky is wild in flavour and wild in style, perfect for those who love the sweeter side of life. Made for spontaneous romance.

Ballantine’s 21 Year Old

An extra special gift for an extra special someone. Ballantine’s 21 Year Old is indulgent, rich and smoothly spiced. A can’t-go-wrong choice for any whisky lover.


Get creative with your Valentine’s day celebrations. However you like your whisky, use it to ramp up the romance and set the scene for an intimate evening together. Whether you are introducing or indulging, the Ballantine’s whisky range has something for everyone.

You’re bound to find something for you both to enjoy in our library of whisky drinks, from sweet and sour to whisky desserts, how will you express your love this valentines day?

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