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Check out how the first True Music Fund project went down in Krakow last summer

In 2019, we teamed up with Paulina Zackzek- a music creative we met through our Take a Stand for True Music: Krakow event.

As part of our deep dive into the underground techno scene there, we heard from those involved in the music community about the lack of visibility of the scene to locals and tourists alike. The grassroots clubs where their music was being played, wasn’t getting through to the new generation of club-goers because of a lack of volume, awareness and funding.

Enter the True Music Fund. Working with Paulina, we helped to get her vision for a day party rolling. A creative party space where local beat makers and promoters could come together for a day of workshops, DJ lessons and of course sweet party tunes mixed with sweet whisky sipping.

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True Music

Boiler Room

Over the last six years we’ve partnered with Boiler Room, the world’s biggest broadcaster of new underground music, with a simple mission – showcase & celebrate the most credible music scenes & stories from around the world.

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ballantines boiler room true music africa 2
True Music

True Music

True Music is here to represent & celebrate music communities, and the people that make them thrive. Giving a stage to the most exciting emerging talent.

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