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Floral and fruity cocktails to drink in spring

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Florals for spring isn’t exactly original. But if it’s good, why change it? 

When it comes to cocktail hour, we love the refreshing sweetness of floral ingredients. Elderflower, chamomile, lavender and rose. There’s plenty of ways to make your drink bloom.

And all of them go perfectly with whisky. Our smooth, sweet spirit often ends on a floral note. With complimentary flavours of fruit, honey and woody oak too. Whether you’re after a light whisky cocktail or something punchier, we’ve got a ton of recipes to inspire your spring drinks.

Here’s our favourite floral cocktails. For spring, summer and whenever you fancy them.

Bergamot Highball

Lemons and oranges are great. But bergamot is even better. This bittersweet citrus fruit adds a tart, sour zing to our 15 Year Old scotch which balances with red berry fruitiness. 

The floral side of our bergamot cocktail is found in Italicus liqueur. A complex herbal drink that boasts notes of rose, lavender and chamomile. Plus an extra dosing of bergamot.

ballantines glentauchers bergamot highball

Bergamot Highball

We wanted to showcase a popular, yet relatively unknown citrus: the bergamot. The flavour is instantly recognisable, and the bittersweet, tart notes harmonise with the red berry and citrus notes of the Glentauchers.

Hibiscus iced tea with Ballantine's 12

Iced Hibiscus Tea

Ice cold, yet still kinda warm… This summer cocktail brings together fragrant and fresh flavours with a warming whisky kick.


Iced Hibiscus Tea

A drink that keeps you cool, yet still kinda warm? That’s our hibiscus tea cocktail. This fragrant serve is packed with fresh and fruity flavours from lime and lemongrass to basil leaves.

But giving it a key floral taste is refreshing hibiscus tea, brewed to pink perfection before being mixed with warming whisky. We use our 12 Year Old scotch, a golden honey blend with hints of oak, vanilla and floral sweetness.

Spritz My Way

Spritz your way to spring with this sparkling floral cocktail. Our twist on an Italicus Spritz. A guaranteed crowd pleaser no matter the weather.

Soda and Prosecco give this drink some serious bubbles. Whilst Ballantine’s and floral Italicus liqueur bring the flavour. It’s sweet, smooth and packed with a light fruity aroma.

Cherry Blossom Highball

For the after dinner drinks and classy spring brunches. The Cherry Blossom Highball is a cocktail to get guests talking. It’s light, floral and packed with complex flavours. Many of which are found in our 15 Year Old Single Malt

With sweet aromas of red apples and pears, this whisky marries wonderfully with Crème de Poire and a serve of bubbling soda water. For a floral finish, top with cherry blossom petals frozen in ice.

Ballantine's Miltonduff Cherry Blossom Highball

Cherry Blossom Highball

To stay true to the whisky, it has been lengthened with unflavoured soda to create a classic highball serve.

Iced Green Tea

Iced Green Tea

Let’s take a walk on the green side. This simple yet delicious cocktail will wake up the night in style.


Iced Green Tea

Give your afternoon tea a whisky twist with our green tea cocktail. This simple yet delicious drink is a surprising serve that’ll show just how well you can make a round.

It puts the floral, grassy flavours of green tea in the spotlight. With a warming pour of Ballantine’s blended scotch for good measure. Top it up with soda water and add plenty of ice to make the ultimate spring refresher.

Stay Berry Pitcher

This one’s so good, it’s made to be shared. The Stay Berry Pitcher is a whisky cranberry cocktail that mixes all the best fruity flavours with the floral notes of elderflower. 

Apples, red berries and fresh lemon bring a burst of sweetness, whilst elderflower cordial keeps things light. And for soft, warming spice, we add Ballantine’s Finest. Our award-winning blended scotch with a fresh, floral after-taste that really makes this drink glow.

White Orchid

Inspired by the lightness of an orchid flower, our vanilla whisky cocktail combines the natural notes of our 21 Year Old scotch with sweet Crème de Vanilla. Served short, this drink’s for sipping. 

Taste complex flavours of apple, liquorice and floral sweetness that combine to make a cocktail worthy of any occasion. And don’t forget the white orchid garnish. You’ll want to prep this one in advance by freezing white orchid petals.

ballantines 21 year old white orchid drink

White Orchid

This vanilla pairing combines with the natural notes of apple and liquorice present in Ballantine’s 23 Year Old whisky, adding layers of complexity.

Ballantines Brasil Collins

Whisky Collins

The ideal cocktail for when the sun is setting and the speaker is blasting.


Whisky Collins

Floral doesn’t have to mean light and perfumed. It can also be rich and herbaceous. Take our Whisky Collins for example. 

Fresh rosemary mixes with the zesty combination of lemon, bitters and Ballantine’s Brasil (our lime infused spirit drink) to make a fragrant, flavourful cocktail. It’s super fresh, perfect for those warm spring afternoons with the music pumping.

Find more ways to drink Ballantine’s with our whisky cocktail recipes. From fruity whisky drinks to whisky mixers, there’s a serve for every season. 

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