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The best end of summer cocktails for late sunshine sessions

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The end of summer is perfect for a late night cocktail hour. Warm evenings, good music and great company; August and September are a great time for spontaneous sessions. But what to drink?

Hold onto summer with light fruits and sparkling mixed drinks. Or welcome the new season with autumnal flavours. However you mix it up, make the most of those final golden days with Ballantine’s.

Grab your shaker and fill up the ice bucket – here’s the best end of summer cocktails.

Berry Beer

Berry Beer; it’s the cocktail of the season. Super cool and refreshing, it mixes Ballantine’s Finest with fresh berries, light lager and a dash of honey for extra sweetness. Guarantee no complaints when you serve up a round. Give this blueberry beer recipe a whirl for your late summer sipping.

Whisky Ginger Ale

Keep it spicy with a whisky and ginger ale. This classic cocktail combo is perfect for those surprisingly warm nights be it spring, summer or autumn. The recipe is easier to make than most, meaning you get more time to spend with mates.

ballantines finest berrybeer blueberry 2

Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.

Whisky Ginger Ale - Scotch Cocktail Recipe

Whisky & Ginger Ale

Spicy and refreshing in one, kick things up a gear with the classic pairing of Ballantine’s whisky & Ginger Ale.


Whisky Tonic

Bye G&T. Hi W&T. A Whisky Tonic is as easy as it gets yet still undeniably delicious. Serve to a crowd on a hot summer night as evening turns to dusk. We make ours with Ballantine’s Finest and a slightly squeezed lemon wedge.

Spiced Julep

A Mint Julep is a classic summer serve. But after months of drinking the same drink, it’s time for something different. Meet the Whisky Julep, a surprising spicy, sweet mix of lime and ginger. Keep this one a secret to delight guests as they discover your new go-to cocktail.

ballantines finest tonic new

Whisky Tonic

A G&T without the G, Ballantine’s & Tonic Water is a real thirst quencher for those hot summer evenings.

Ballantine's Finest Spiced Julep Drink

Whisky Ginger Julep

This may look like a standard julep but inside that tin cup is a delicious secret: lime and ginger. Mix it up for a spicy sweet hit suitable for any occasion.


Ballantine’s and Grapefruit

Who said summer drinks have to be sweet? Get a kick of something sour with a grapefruit cocktail, the Ballantine’s and Grapefruit to be specific. Our refreshingly tangy duo compliments smooth scotch whisky with sparkling grapefruit soda and tons of ice. It’s a late summer must.


Summer might be Negroni season for some but what about a Negroni with whisky? Meet the Boulevardier, a scotch twist on this classic cocktail. Mix up your guest’s go-to drinks by swapping gin for Ballantine’s 12 Year Old whisky. An upgrade we can get behind.

Brasil Collins

When the night’s still going, you need a drink that can keep up. Say hello to the Whisky Collins, a smooth, scotch cocktail that’s all about those summer flavours. Lemon, rosemary and bitters bring out the herbal, zesty finish of Ballantine’s Brasil, our lime infused whisky that celebrates those spontaneous moments.

ballantines finest 12 boulevardier 2


Upgrade a Negroni by swapping out Gin for our Ballantine’s 12 Year Old Whisky and mix up the Boulevardier. Our favourite kind of remix

Ballantines Brasil Collins

Whisky Collins

The ideal cocktail for when the sun is setting and the speaker is blasting.


Ballantine’s Piña

Nothing says summer like a Piña Colada. Except a Ballantine’s Piña. Our new whisky and pineapple juice cocktail has a surprise kick that’ll keep your summer sessions going well into the night. Mix it your way with a dash or two of chilli syrup, depending on how well you can take the heat.

Iced Green Tea

Cool off with a simple, delicious drink that’ll set you up for the end of summer. This green tea cocktail pours soda water and Ballantine’s Finest into freshly brewed green tea. Make it in minutes, drink it all month long.

Iced Green Tea

Iced Green Tea

Let’s take a walk on the green side. This simple yet delicious cocktail will wake up the night in style.


Kentucky Mule

Moscow Mules get a lot of attention in summer. But this year we’re heading to Kentucky. Meet the Kentucky Mule, a whisky twist on this zingy, fiery cocktail that mixes our smoothest scotch with spiced ginger beer and lime. Garnish with mint, a citrus wedge and tons of crushed ice.

Session Soda

Turn up the speakers and get the drinks flowing. Whisky Soda is an easy end of summer cocktail that you can put together in seconds. Make it your way with your favourite bottle of Ballantine’s, sparkling soda and your favourite garnishes. Lime wheels, mint sprigs and fresh ginger are a great way to start.

ballantines kentucky mule cocktail

Kentucky Mule

Simple and refreshing. This zingy Kentucky Mule recipe is soon to be your new go-to, but don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!

ballantines finest session soda new

Whisky & Soda

Ballantine’s Session Soda, a drink perfect for Saturday sessions.


Get more cocktail inspiration with our collection of whisky drinks. You’ll find a recipe for every late night gathering including scotch summer cocktails, BBQ beverages and blended frozen drinks worth the brain freeze.

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Ballantine's Finest Spiced Julep Drink

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