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Like an Old Fashioned? Try these similar whisky drinks next

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Simple, delicious and timeless. The Old Fashioned is a classic whisky cocktail. There’s no arguing with that. The mix of whisky, bitters, muddled sugar and orange peel has been around for centuries and it ain’t going anywhere.

But sometimes we like to mix things up. 

Whether you want to try a variation on the Old Fashioned or branch out to something completely new, there’s plenty more whisky cocktails to put on your radar.

So if an Old Fashioned is your go to, but you fancy trying something new, here’s 14 similar drinks we reckon you’ll love.


The Sazerac is probably the closest drink to an Old Fashioned, that isn’t an Old Fashioned. So if you like one, bets are you’ll like the other. 

A traditional Old Fashioned uses bourbon, while a Sazerac uses rye whisky which makes it more peppery. As breakers of tradition, we don’t use either. Instead we mix Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel to give our Scotch Old Fashioned a honeyed, smooth finish. And when it comes to our Sazerac recipe, our 17 Year Old Whisky brings a hint of spice. 

We do play by the rules when it comes to adding absinthe and a lemon peel garnish though. This is what makes the Sazerac slightly more complex and herbal.

Apple Cider Old Fashioned

Fancy something sweeter? Try an Apple Cider Old Fashioned. This autumnal twist adds Somerset Cider and a cinnamon stick garnish to an old classic. It’s simple, seasonal and sure to be your signature cocktail.


The Boulevardier is a close cousin of the Negroni. Which sits alongside the Old Fashioned in the most popular short but strong drinks. Swapping gin for scotch, this cocktail is just as warming and rich as an Old Fashioned, but with a slightly bitter edge. Perfect for serving on the rocks this summer.

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Whisky Sour

The Old Fashioned and the Whisky Sour have plenty in common. They’re both original whisky cocktails with a longstanding history. They’re both easy to make. And they both taste great made with Ballantine’s.

The key difference is in the Whisky Sour’s addition of lemon juice, which gives the drink its citrus edge. Plus a frothy top and silky texture achieved by shaking the ingredients with egg white or aquafaba.

If you’re a beginner to whisky cocktails or not so keen on stronger drinks, the Whisky Sour is a great place to start and there’s plenty of ways to mix it up like our sweet, zesty Passion Fruit Whisky Sour.

Orange Twist

If you like the hint of orange in an Old Fashioned, then this drink is going to be right up your street. The addition of orange bitters makes our Orange Old Fashioned recipe extra fruity. Plus notes of vanilla, pear and cinnamon from our 23 Year Old Whisky.

Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a classic whisky cocktail that most Old Fashioned drinkers have on their radar. It’s a simple 1:1 ratio of scotch and Drambuie, a scotch-based liqueur that adds hints of heather, honey and herbs. 

Bobby Burns

The Bobby Burns cocktail is a Manhattan-style recipe that adds sweet vermouth for extra smoky sweetness. Named after a Scottish poet, it’s the perfect drink for celebrating with, especially on Burns Night. Garnish with a lemon twist and sip slowly between stories with friends.

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White Orchid

We wanted to make a vanilla and whisky cocktail, so we made the White Orchid, a lightly sweet drink that celebrates our 21 Year Old blend. If you like discovering the complex notes of whisky, this one’s a great sipper. Natural notes of apple, liquorice and sweet vanilla combine with a frozen flower garnish that makes it seriously impressive to serve.

Rob Roy

The Rob Roy has very similar components to an Old Fashioned: whisky, bitters and sweetener. But this alternative swaps straight up sugar for sweet vermouth. Fortified wine is making a comeback in cocktail making, thanks to its fruity richness and complex flavours. And we love its addition to a Rob Roy, making a deep, full-bodied drink that’s super smooth when chilled.

Whisky Bitters

Like an Old Fashioned but want it even simpler? Take away the orange and make a Whisky and Bitters. This classic cocktail is as easy as it gets without going solo on the whisky. The sugar and bitters still mix things up. But there’s no need for fancy orange peel.


The Paperplane isn’t exactly similar to an Old Fashioned. But it’s a great way of trying something new. Aperol and Amaro Nonino add a bittersweet taste to Ballantine’s Finest scotch whisky. With a dash of fresh lemon juice to keep things fresh. It’s a rich pink drink perfect for summer sipping.


The Manhattan is as timeless as an Old Fashioned. And that’s not where the similarities end. Both use whisky and Angostura bitters. But the Manhattan brings the addition of sweet vermouth to mellow the whisky with fruity, caramelly notes. A traditional Manhattan uses rye or bourbon, but feel free to make it your way with blended scotch to give this drink more depth.

Whisky Tonic

If you like your whisky diluted but without adding too much flavour, a Whisky and Tonic could be your new go to. It’s a lighter, longer alternative to the flavours of an Old Fashioned. With extra bubbles and bittersweet taste. 

Whisky on the Rocks

If you like the simplicity of an Old Fashioned, it could be worth giving a Whisky on the Rocks a go. Sometimes you can’t beat a simple pour of scotch over ice. The lack of other ingredients gives the whisky’s individual notes a chance to shine. So pour a dram and get tasting.

There’s plenty more whisky drinks to make your own with Ballantine’s. From Whisky Sour variations to classic cocktails and whisky highballs, there’s no wrong way to get mixing.

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