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Borderlands Cosplay: 7 Character Ideas

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Listen up Vault Hunters, it’s time to channel your inner badass.

The chaotic world of Borderlands is packed with colourful characters, each with an epic signature outfit. So whether you’re a fan of the OG fame or the latest Borderlands 3, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to cosplay.

From Lilith’s fiery attitude to Tiny Tina’s explosive personality, each character has their own style that makes them stand out. And we’ve got a handy guide on how to embody their look.

Get ready to enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland as your go-to character with these epic Borderlands cosplay outfits ideas. Guaranteed to turn heads at your next convention.

Mad Moxxi

Go iconic with Mad Moxxi. This bold and daring woman has an equally bold and daring look that makes for an unforgettable cosplay. To replicate her signature red and black outfit you’ll need a buttoned corset, ruffled skirt and knee high boots. And then there’s the accessories. Striped and fishnet stockings, spiked cuffs and fingerless gloves give this flirtatious outfit the post-apocalyptic edge.

When it comes to props, Moxxi’s got plenty. Her Heart Breaker rifle is a must-have. But the key to this cosplay dress is in the details. Be sure to add Moxxi’s signature tattoos and feathered top hat among a pile of loose curls. You’ll wanna channel Moxxi’s flirty persona to bring this look to life. Think cheeky one liners whilst perched on a stool sipping a dram of Moxxi’s Finest.

moxxi gbx final aspect ratio 4 4


Cosplaying as a Psycho is not for the faint hearted. This character’s look represents the chaos and brutality of Pandora, so get ready to cause a stir. The signature elements of a Psycho’s outfit include orange cargo pants, fingerless gloves and a terrifying mask with illuminated eyes. You can also add knee pads, a brown belt and army boots for a flawless finish.

But what gives this cosplay look a serious edge is the attitude. Add fake blood or face paint to sell a Psycho’s insane character, accompanied by a fake weapon. Just remember to stay safe and respectful – you’re gonna look a little scary on the streets.


Lilith’s personality and unique style are extra fierce, represented by her fiery hair and scotched outfit. Accessorise a red corset top and torn leather trousers with knee high boots and gloves. As well as leather wrist straps and a cropped gilet.

Then it’s all about replicating Lilith’s elemental powers. Add signature tattoos with blue body paint and a glowing Siren symbol. You’ll also want Lilith’s trusty submachine gun to hand – you never know when a mock battle might occur.

maya render bl3 aspect ratio 4 4


The yin to Lilith’s yang, Maya is all about those cooler colours. This Siren is dressed for the battlefield in a one-sleeved yellow bodysuit, cargo pants and boots. Sometimes you’ll also spot her in blue with a hooded cape for extra drama.

Apply temporary tattoos or paint designs on a sheer sleeve. You can also go extra with elemental effects such as a glowing orb to represent Lilith’s Siren powers. And don’t forget her signature bright blue hair.


Up for a cosplay challenge? Then meet Zer0. This mysterious character consists of a sleek black bodysuit and full-face helmet with a singular glowing eye. Once you’ve got that part sorted, it’s time to think accessories.

Choose between Zer0’s go-to props, a Longbow rifle or illuminated energy sword. And if you really want to impress fellow cosplayers with your attention to detail, you’ll need to replicate his four-fingered hands and two-toed boots. Finally, brush up on your ninja skills to sell his precise combat style and bring your character to life.


We reckon Ellie would be a role model outside the Borderlands universe. So who better to inspire your next cosplay outfit? This proud, plus-sized woman takes no nonsense and her outfit is a true reflection of her tough attitude. Pair an orange tank top with black cargo pants and let the accessories do the talking.

As an expert in fixing cars, Ellie’s design embraces a classic mechanic look. Think a giant tool belt, prop wrench, leather gloves and braces. You can also add smaller details like car keys, a cloth and Ellie’s black heart tattoo on her chest. Stand tall and proud, you’re representing the ultimate gearhead.

ellie gbx final

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Borderlands Cosplay: 7 Character Ideas

Get ready to enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland as your favourite Borderlands character with these epic cosplay outfits ideas, from Mad Moxxi to Psycho.

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