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7 best edge-of-your-seat spy shows to watch on TV

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We all love a bit of action. The plot twists, the drama, the love triangles… what’s not to like about secret spies fighting villains in bucket-list locations? 

If you’re in need of something exciting to watch on TV then cancel your plans and get ready for a marathon because there’s a bunch of new epic spy series that’ll have you stuck to your seat. 

Get the popcorn ready, shake up a Ballantine’s cocktail and get strapped in. Here are the best spy shows to watch on TV (and your fav streaming platforms) right now.


Amazon’s latest release takes espionage to a whole new level. With a big budget for action-packed drama, luxury landscapes and explosive getaway scenes, you’ll find it impossible to look away. The A-lister cast also helps, with Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas taking the lead. It might only be on its first series but with plans for season two already in the works, we’d bet on it being a global phenomenon for years to come.

The Night Manager

Ready for some gripping action? Enter The Night Manager, AKA Jonathan Pine, a Cairo hotel manager who gets recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of a notorious arms dealer. This book-based series is a stylish, tense adaptation of John le Carré’s first post-Cold war novel. And it’s packed with stars that bring the layered characters to life. Tom Hiddleston takes the lead alongside Olivia Colman and Hugh Laurie. Catch up soon; the long-awaited season two is hitting the screen any day now.

The Recruit

Meet The Recruit, a rookie CIA lawyer who takes matters into his own hands, and you guessed it, ends up in some pretty sticky situations. So technically he’s not a spy but the action-packed series has just as much punch, cliff-hangers and secret agent codewords as any espionage series we’ve ever seen. Stream season one on Netflix before the second premieres later this year.

Killing Eve

If you haven’t watched Killing Eve then get on board because this spy thriller has one of the best-loved female duos to rock the screen. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer have an unmatched chemistry as a British intelligence investigator and psychopathic assassin who navigate a mutual obsession with each other. There’s exceptional fashion, epic one liners and a bunch of fascinating characters from across Europe. You’ll need a few deadly cocktails to go hand in hand with this marathon watch.

Rabbit Hole

If you liked 24 you’ll love Rabbit Hole. Kiefer Sutherland is back in a brand new spy series and this time it’s even wilder. Meet John Weir, a private agent who finds himself framed for murder. Naturally, he tries to clear his name but in doing so unveils a dangerous plan that could have pretty serious political consequences. It’s got all the high-tension situations we want from a classic espionage plus the unexpected scenarios that keep us on the edge of our seat. 

Jack Ryan

Get ready for an Amazon Prime binge with Jack Ryan, a four-season thriller packed with badass action, shootouts and stand-offs. In this latest adaptation of Tom Clancy’s fictional protagonist, we see John Kraskinski dive head first into dangerous assignments and deadly cat and mouse scenarios. It’s suspicious, suspenseful and seriously easy to watch just one more episode.


This high-concept series might feel familiar if you’ve seen the 2011 film, but this time it’s got a whole lot more adrenaline packed action. Here’s the lowdown. A teenage protagonist who lives with her ex-mercenary Dad in a remote Eastern European cave is forced to put her survival skills to the test when a rogue CIA agent comes looking for them. There’s conspiracy, drama and a search for the truth that will keep you gripped until it comes to an end in season 3.

Thrillers are thirsty work. Find the perfect cocktail to accompany your spy series marathon with our collection of whisky drinks. From usual classics to unusual serves, there’s a recipe to match every mood. Get started with our rundown of the best drinks to make with blended whisky or stay caffeinated with our favourite coffee and whisky cocktails.

ballantines finest whisky sour

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