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Ballantine’s Day 2024



Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Whisky Chocolate Milkshake

Say goodbye to the old-school stereotypes of Valentine’s Day this year and embrace Ballantine’s Day – the celebration of eating, doing and drinking the things you truly love.
Why not try these three ‘guilty pleasure’ cocktails inspired by some of the weird and wonderful combinations that we secretly adore. Whether you’re all about pickles, love dipping fries into a milkshake, or can’t resist the allure of parmesan, it’s time to mix things up your way.


No need to hide your love for salty snacks – embrace it with our very own take on the ‘pickle back’ combining pickle juice, lemon, Ballantine’s Finest and a little bit of sugary sweetness. A pickled delight!

Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Pickle Juice Martini

In A Pickle

Never be ashamed of your favourite salty snack. Indulge in your pickle cravings with this Pickled whisky cocktail!

Try Here


Indulge your cheese cravings with our cheesy Espresso Parmo martini.



Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Parmesan Espresso Martini

Espresso Parmo

Cheese mad? Explore this unexpectedly perfect match up with our Parmesan Whisky Espresso Martini Recipe.

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Dip into decadence with our take on a creamy whisky milkshake paired with salty chips. It shouldn’t work but it does.



Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Whisky Chocolate Milkshake

Chip & Dip

Creamy Boozy Chocolate Milkshake and Salty Chips. It shouldn’t work but it does. Step up the decadence with this devilish Ballantine’s whisky twist!

Dip In!

Want to enhance your Ballantine’s Day experience even more? Revisit last year’s cocktails, print off our custom cards and turn up our ‘Guilty Pleasure’ playlist on the Ballantine’s Day hub.

Ballantine's Day 2023
Stay True

Ballantine’s Day

We’re hijacking Valentine’s Day in the name of Ballantine’s Day. We’re turning off all expectations of traditions and stereotypes, and staying true to the love we experience everyday, whatever form it may take.

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