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Ballantine’s Day

ballantine's day finest whisky bottle

It’s officially that time of the year…

Ballantine’s Day 2023 has arrived. 

Love takes many forms. People, pets, cars, your favourite spanner, the barista who gives you a smile to take the edge off the price you’re paying, the fridge that hasn’t let you down for 15 years, your favourite mug, the album that reminds you of the good times. Love is limitless and the ways of showing it are infinite.

We’re hijacking Valentine’s Day in the name of Ballantine’s Day. We’re turning off all expectations of traditions and stereotypes, and staying true to the love we experience everyday, whatever form it may take.

We need your help in celebrating Ballantine’s Day 2023. Over the next few weeks, we want you to send us photos and videos doing what you love. So, whether it’s knitting scarves, skateboarding around the city, or surfing in California, send us photos and videos doing what you love to be featured on our social media! There are no wrong answers, it’s all love. 

We’ll showcase the best on our online channels, sharing the things you love with the world.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and we’ll keep you posted on how you can join us in celebrating love the Ballantine’s way this V-Day 2023.

If mixing cocktails is what you love doing, check out some of our seasonal serves below. From sweet to spicy, we’re sure our whisky cocktails will be your perfect match.

Ballantine’s and Ginger Ale

Mix up a Ballantine’s and Ginger ale for a smooth, sweet and slightly spicy kick.

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Cold Brew Kick

Try out our Cold Brew Kick to discover a whole new whisky love to keep you up at night on Ballantine’s Day.

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Whisky Sour

Serve up success with the Ballantine’s Sour.

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ballantines finest scotch whisky blog news page


You already know we’ve nailed the Finest Whisky to ever grace a glass. But that’s just a little drop of what we’re about. Scroll on for the latest news and features from across the world of Ballantine’s whisky, True Music and much, much more.

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