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When you stay true to who you are. When you turn off society’s expectations…

There’s No Wrong Way

Ballantine's stay true dancing

“Stay True: There’s No Wrong Way” serves as the perfect antidote to the bleak world around, bringing a positive message of self-expression and choice, that if you Stay True to who you are, then there’s no wrong way. No wrong way to dance, to work, to dress, to love, in fact, there’s no wrong way to live your life. And when there’s no wrong way, suddenly every choice you make can be the right one.

Mr Stash

Mr. Stash is a true representation of passion leading you down a path to success! An award winning music producer from Lusaka, Zambia – Mr Stash originally hails from the Copperbelt, but embarked on a solo journey to the city as a young boy to pursue his musical aspirations. His success has given him the opportunity to promote other young, talented artists in Zambia – a cause he is passionate about. He believes music is not limited and likes to experiment with different sounds from all over the world, but always bringing them home with his signature strong beats.

“Being influenced by another individual’s dream or ambition is absolutely normal, however, originality and staying true to your craft is what sets you apart and distinguishes you from the masses. There is no wrong way to follow your dreams, to find your path or to create something beautiful. Stay true to yourself. Believe in your net worth.”

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With stars in her eyes and a passion for radio, DJ Honey broke into the radio scene when she was just 17 years old. As one of Zambia’s first female radio personalities, Honey has now made a name for herself as a well-known presenter and media personality. Honey’s vibrant enthusiasm and love for communication extends beyond just radio and entertainment – she also produces and hosts her own podcast that centres around her passion for uplifting & empowering women in her community.

Honey believes that there is no proper way to follow your dreams. “Your passion is your passion, I believe in staying true to who you are on the inside, really doing what you love and loving what you do. I truly believe there is no wrong way to follow your dreams, to focus or to express yourself.”


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Amicus Humani Generis – A Friend To All Mankind

It’s been written on the crest of every Ballantine’s bottle for over 100 years. It’s what led us to create a film featuring such a diverse and eclectic array of real characters in place of actors, across industries, including friends of the brand and cameos from people found in the cities we filmed in.

Watch the full length Stay True film here:

Why don’t you inspire us with what it means to you to Stay True, by sharing your own “There’s No Wrong Way” moments on Instagram and Twitter using #StayTrue.

And… while we’re talking about doing your own thing, see how to mix up a Ballantine’s, exactly how you like… it’s not just with ice, you know.

After all, there’s no wrong way.


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