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10 best festive whisky cocktails to drink in December

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Rumour has it that good ole St Nick loves a dash of whisky to keep him warm on his race around the world. Well, so do we. And what better way to mix up your Christmas cocktail repertoire than with a dash of Santa’s favourite spirit? It would be rude not to.

So put the eggnog away. Leave the mulled wine for another year. We’re creating new traditions this yuletide season.

Read on for the ultimate list of Christmas cocktails with whisky to sip under the mistletoe this winter.

Mulled Cider Punch

Spice up your season with a Christmas whisky cocktail that keeps on giving. Combining all those beloved autumnal flavours with the spice of cider and cinnamon, it’s a whisky winter warmer you’ll go back to again and again.

Our ​​apple cider punch is the perfect centrepiece for the big day, a casual get together, or quiet night in. Just make as much as you need for your number of guests.

Whisky Hot Chocolate

Nothing says cosy Christmas evening like a cup of comforting hot chocolate. And this recipe’s a real crowd pleaser (for anyone of legal drinking age of course). The sweet, syrupy notes of Ballantine’s Finest add a hint of warming spice – guaranteed to keep you toasty all winter long.

Mix up a mug of hot chocolate and whisky and go nuts on your favourite toppings – we hear the hazel or pecan kind are pretty great. Puns aside, whipped cream is an obvious choice. Go classic with marshmallows and chocolate flakes or take it up a level with chunks of fudge, desiccated coconut or mint leaves.

Hot Apple Cider Whisky Punch Cocktail Recipe

Whisky Apple Cider Punch

This whisky cider punch is the perfect centre piece for any drinks table. Just multiply the recipe by the number of guests so everyone can grab a glass and get involved!

Whisky Hot Chocolate - Scotch Cocktail Recipe

Whisky Hot Chocolate

This whisky hot chocolate is a sweet tooth’s dream…  throw on all your favourite toppings, there’s no such thing as too much!


Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

What happens when you throw every festive flavour into a cocktail shaker? We tried it – with the help of a seasoned bartender – and boy oh boy it’s good. Meet the Ballantine’s whisky Christmas cocktail, a sweet and spicy mix of all things wonderful. 

Classic cranberry, cinnamon and cloves compliment a homemade pear sugar syrup, served warm to sip by the Christmas tree. We like it so much we drink it 365 days a year – but that’s really up to you.

Festive Old Fashioned

Come all ye faithful to the Old Fashioned; we have a festive variation on your go to drink you’re guaranteed to love. Traditionally this classic cocktail highlights the rich vanilla and honey notes of whisky with the complex spices of Angostura. We’ve simply taken it one step further.

Make your scotch with a twist with Ballantine’s 23 Year Old and orange bitter ice cubes that slowly melt for an accentuated taste. Topped with twirls of orange rind.

Whisky Christmas Cocktail: Scotch Recipe

Whisky Christmas Cocktail

Move over Eggnog, see you later mulled wine… Bring in the festive season with a sweet and spicy whisky cocktail. We call it the Ballantine’s Christmas Cocktail, but it tastes just as good 365 days of the year.

ballantines B7 old fashioned

Old Fashioned

Our favourite way to enjoy an Old Fashioned is with Ballantine’s 7 Bourbon Barrel Finish, with a couple of dashes of orange bitters to complement the sweet notes of the whisky.


Cool Cranberry Punch

If you’re looking for a Christmas party punch that’ll please the masses, this recipe is for you. Sweet and tart, it’s perfect for festive occasions with friends or family – even the fussy lot you’re obliged to invite.

Mix whisky with cranberry juice and a few other lush ingredients to make a jug of berry deliciousness. Feeling fancy? Add apple slices and red fruits to make it pitcher perfect.

Traditional Hot Toddy

It’s warm, it’s wintery. It’s the hot toddy cocktail. This one might be a little on the traditional side but you know what they say – if it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Stir in the healing spices of cinnamon, honey, cloves and lemon to a dash of Ballantine’s whisky and hot water. Cold evenings sorted.


Hot Toddy

Curl up by the fire and stir some spice into the cold evenings this winter with this warming classic.


True New Sour

New York, New York. It’s a city that shines at Christmastime (literally; have you seen the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights?!). So what better way to celebrate the Big Apple than a festive spin on their classic cocktail. 

Introducing the True New Sour, our variation on the New York Sour that puts the seasonal spice in all things nice. Ripe pear, cinnamon and cloves are just some of the flavours you’ll get your mitts on with this delicious drink. It even looks great, topped with frothy white ‘snow’ and a red wine layer.

Christmas Whisky Sour

Sticking with sours, you can’t go wrong with a festive twist on this classic concoction. The scotch Whisky Sour has been celebrated for over 150 years, with tons of variations to please every taste bud.

Make yours a Christmas special by replacing lemon juice for orange or cranberry. Or add a pinch of cinnamon and dash of maple syrup with your bitters. ‘Tis the season after all!

New York Sour

This spiced seasonal whisky cocktail is our answer to the New York Sour.


Whisky Milkshake

Is it dessert? Is it a milkshake? Is it a sickly sweet cocktail we simply must try? Yes, yes and yes! Are you ready?

Say hello to perhaps our best invention yet; the Ballantine’s Whisky Shake. It’s got ice cream. It’s got liquid chocolate. Hell it’s even got cookies, donuts, popcorn and any other toppings you want to throw at it. You’re welcome.

Honey & Cinnamon Highball

Hey honey it’s Christmastime! If you fancy a toddy without the heat, e’ve got you covered. This whisky Christmas drink is one of our favourites, a real treasure shall we say.

Essentially a honey and cinnamon whisky highball, we’ve mixed all the flavours of a hot toddy with spiced ginger beer to create a sweet and zesty cocktail that’s as cool and fresh as you.


Whisky Milkshake

Rich and creamy with a kick. If you can’t decide between dessert or whisky, this shake is for you. Strictly for over 18’s.

Honey & Cinnamon Highball - Whisky Recipe -

Whisky, Honey & Cinnamon Highball

Fresh, sweet and super zesty. It’s got all the deliciously satisfying flavours of a Hot Toddy, but this time, we’ve poured it on the rocks.


Discover more whisky cocktails to shake up year round with your favourite bottle of Ballantine’s.

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