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The iconic square Ballantine’s whisky bottle

We don’t stick to the rules at Ballantine’s – we break them. Think of a typical whisky bottle and they all look pretty similar – smooth and round like an average bottle. Not ours. The square Ballantine’s bottle stands out from the crowd, thanks to its sharp, defined edges. It’s an iconic design, and an important part of the Ballantine’s story, but where did it come from and why do Ballantine’s use rectangular whisky bottles?

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Finding Quality Scotch During Prohibition

Take yourself back a century to Prohibition-era America. It’s 1920 and the US government have passed a law banning practically everything to do with alcohol. You can’t order scotch at a bar because your favourite drinking spots have all closed down and it’s practically impossible to get hold of a good drink – unless you know the right people. Even your favourite speakeasy is selling watered-down liquor and most people are simply putting up with substandard drinks. 

Not you. You know the difference between quality whisky and homemade moonshine and only the best will do. Luckily, you know a guy and arrange a meet-up. He turns up with a briefcase, looking like a respectable businessman, nothing untoward here. 

Then he opens the case and all of a sudden it’s like the golden briefcase scene from Pulp Fiction. Inside, you see six bottles of Ballantine’s finest blend, stacked neatly, fitting like a glove. 

That’s right. Legend has it our famous rectangle whisky bottle came about so that whisky salesmen could make their sales without looking or sounding suspicious during Prohibition. True or not, myths like these don’t spring up around any old whisky. 


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Unique And Original

Although you won’t be stopped for holding a bottle of blue these days, we believe in staying true to our roots. That means doing things differently – and better. The unique and unusual whisky bottles that we use for our Ballantine’s blended scotch whisky are as important to the spirit of Ballantine’s as they have always been. 

Find the perfect way to enjoy your Ballantine’s with the help of our drinks collection. How will you enjoy yours?

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