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12 best snacks to eat with RZA hot sauce

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Snack time just got hotter. Add a kick to your cupboard staples next time you get the munchies with a bit of hot sauce. Savoury, salty, and even sweet – a bit of heat elevates almost anything.  

Here’s our favourite snacks to serve with hot sauce from the expected to the unexpected.

Chicken bites

Chicken wings are a hot sauce classic. But don’t stop there. Nuggets and goujons are just as good with a spicy dip. Add it on the side or coat them before cooking for a feel good snack you can serve to friends. Perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, cosy nights in and spontaneous sessions.


A new meaning to hot breakfast. Scrambled, fried, or poached in a smoky shakshuka sauce – no matter how you like your eggs in the morning, hot sauce deserves a place on the condiments table. Start the day spicy by drizzling over some heat and wake up with a bang.

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Stay True

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One for those who prefer the savoury kind. Add a dash of hot sauce to your popcorn bucket and shake for a bold, spicy flavour. The heat works perfectly with salted, buttered or cheesy corn. Movie night just got even more action packed.


For a quick take on ramen noodles, whip up a batch to serve with seasoning and hot sauce. Pour in as little or as much as your tastebuds can handle. The perfect post night-out snack.

Hot chocolate

Drink, snack – who cares. A hot chocolate with extra heat is what the Mexicans call a winter warmer. Make your favourite hot cocoa as normal before stirring in a dash of hot sauce. And if you want extra spice, try making our Whisky Hot Chocolate.

Whisky Hot Chocolate - Scotch Cocktail Recipe

Whisky Hot Chocolate

This whisky hot chocolate is a sweet tooth’s dream…  throw on all your favourite toppings, there’s no such thing as too much!


Avo on toast

Brunch just got better. Crunchy toast, creamy avocado and a smearing of sweet, fiery sauce. It’s the perfect balance of texture and flavour. Slice or mash up your avocado with salt and pepper before sprinkling in hot stuff.


Ok, hear us out. This one’s an unusual pairing but we reckon once you try it, it’ll be your new go-to snack. The refreshing sweetness of watermelon brings out the fruity flavour of hot sauce. Think about it – opposites attract. And this one’s all about fire and water. Drizzle watermelon slices in sauce for a spicy, fruity serve. The perfect accompaniment to a fruity whisky cocktail.


Whether you’re a Margarita or Meat Feast kinda orderer, adding a little hot sauce takes pizza night to new heights. Drizzle, dip, or slather it over. The spice adds a chilli twist to the tomato or perks up a creamy, cheesy base.


Celery’s another of those watery snacks that goes from meh to more once you add the right sauce. And by right sauce, we mean hot sauce. The crunch and heat work perfectly. Dip it and see.

Baked beans

Your childhood favourite, Mexican style. Drizzle your sauce on top or better yet mix it into the beans. A fiery way to pimp beans on toast or a beany potato. Simple but seriously good.


Chilli cheese is a go-to pairing for a reason. The tangy creaminess of cheese and the tomatoey spice of hot sauce are meant to be. Upgrade your cheeseboard or add a bit of spice to your toastie. Halloumi, cheddar, camembert – you name it, it works.


Add a spicy kick to a classic party serve. Shake with a dash of the hot stuff or roast with a drizzle for extra flavour. Try it with cashews, peanuts and almonds. The ultimate snack for a whisky tasting night at home.

Looking for more food-spiration? Check out the best sweet and savoury foods to serve with whisky. Speaking of – don’t miss our collection of whisky cocktail recipes to pour during snack time.

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