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7 coffee and whisky drinks to caffeinate your cocktail hour

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Like coffee? Like cocktails? Great, we’ve got the perfect shortlist for you. 

While Irish coffee may be the well-known pairing of whisky and coffee, there’s a world of possibilities beyond it.

Coffee and whisky are a seriously good match. Rich, aromatic and packed with flavour, these two blended drinks are made to be mixed. And we’ve got a handful of recipes that do just that. 

Whether you like your coffee strong and black, or sweet and milky, there’s a drink that’ll suit your tastes. And the best part? These recipes are perfect anytime of day. Brunch, lunch or an aperitif – drink your way (responsibly of course).

So wake up and smell the (whisky) coffee – it’s time to take cocktail hour to a whole new level. Here are our favourite coffee and whisky drinks.

ScotCH Coffee

We might be biassed. But this espresso whisky cocktail is as good as it gets. It’s got sweetness, spritz and a warming serving of whisky. Not forgetting a shot of rich, dark coffee. What else do you need?

So get the kettle on and prep some espresso in advance. You’ll want it for tonight’s cocktail hour. When the time comes, pour into Ballantine’s Finest and cream soda with ice. Then take a bow and enjoy the praise for this unbeatable coffee whisky drink.

Coffee Old Fashioned

The whisky Old Fashioned is a drink that needs no introduction. Classic, simple and easily customised, it’s a recipe with endless possibilities. This time around we’re giving it a coffee twist by adding some cold brew to the traditional recipe.

Start by muddling your sugar cube and bitters into a paste before adding ice, a pour of Ballantine’s 10 Year Old scotch and a dash of coffee for a caffeinated kick. Depending on the flavours of your favourite roast, you could pair with chocolate liqueur, a hint of orange or an extra dash of spiced bitter. There’s no wrong way to remix this recipe.

ballantines cold brew kick drink

Cold Brew Kick

Meet the cool, laid-back cousin to the Espresso Martini. Simple to make but still gets you those sophisticated host points.


Cold Brew Kick

Wake up the night with this cold brew cocktail. It’s the laid-back cousin of the Espresso Martini – one round of these and your mates will be coming over for cocktail hour every Friday night.

Mixing cold brew coffee with an extra liqueur kick, this is a high energy drink with seriously cool vibes. So, who wants one?

Scotch Revolver

Like a Manhattan? Then you’ll love this cocktail. The Revolver gives New York’s go-to drink a caffeinated spin, replacing sweet vermouth with coffee liqueur for extra depth and sweetness.

Normally the recipe calls for bourbon, but we recommend using Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel. It’s sweet, creamy and undeniably delicious. Perfect for this rich, orangey cocktail that’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.


Whisky Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini, every coffee drinker’s go-to cocktail. But have you tried it with whisky? Put a warming spin on the classic recipe by swapping out vodka for Ballantine’s blended scotch whisky for an extra bit of warmth and spice. Shake it your way with coffee liqueur, fresh espresso or even some alcoholic chocolate for some serious decadent richness. Or try our wildcard recipe, the Parmesan Espresso Martini that marries the saltiness of hard cheese with sweet, rich coffee. Go hard or go home right?

Espresso Parmo

Cheese mad? Explore this unexpectedly perfect match up with our Parmesan Whisky Espresso Martini Recipe.

blood shot whisky drink

Bloodshot Eye

A complex and zesty top shelf cocktail coming straight from Moxxi’s Bar for all you Vault Hunters out there


Blood Shot Eye

If you’re in need of caffeine fix then look no further. The Blood Shot Eye is a seriously good drink that’ll keep you energised all night long whether you’re out out, staying in or somewhere in between. 

A simple yet genius mix of scotch and coffee is all you need, sweetened to your liking with sugar. It’s only two-ingredients but boy is it good. Garnish with an orange twist and serve.

Cinnamon Whisky Iced Latte

Latte lovers listen up. There’s a new recipe in town. Pumpkin’s done. Gingerbread’s out. It’s time for a whisky twist. Make your favourite coffee cooler a cocktail hour regular with this spiced drink that’s somehow both warming and refreshing.

Simply add a single shot of Ballantine’s Finest to your preferred cold brew/milk ratio into a glass filled with ice. Sprinkle with cinnamon and voila! It gives iced latte season a whole new level of fun.


Discover more ways to drink Ballantine’s your way with our collection of whisky cocktail recipes. You’ll find everything from classic whisky mixers to whisky jello shots. What will you shake up next?

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