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The best boozy citrus drinks to make with Ballantine’s

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Citrus fruits are an essential ingredient in cocktail making. From lemons to limes, oranges to grapefruit, they’re nature’s way of making our drinks extra zesty.

Freshly squeezed juice is the best way to freshen up a recipe, but you can also use citrus flavoured ingredients like cordial, soda, syrup or liquors such as Aperol and triple sec. And don’t forget the garnish. A fruit wedge or peel adds a last minute bit of tang with every sip.

Undeniably refreshing, citrus drinks make excellent summer serves. Whilst different types of oranges lend themselves to festive flavour combinations. And the good news is that they all go perfectly with the smooth, spiced notes of whisky. 

Whether you’re looking for a hot weather sipper or a winter warmer, here’s our favourite citrus mixed drinks to get squeezing with Ballantine’s.

Whisky & Sprite

Keep it sweet, simple and seriously bubbly with a Whisky & Sprite. This refreshing pairing of two OG recipes is made for nights that just keep on going. Lemon and lime flavoured Sprite is matched with our very own Ballantine’s Finest, a whisky that hasn’t changed since 1910.

Orange Highball

Stay cool this summer with our Orange Highball. This mixed citrus drink has all the fun of a nostalgic fruity drink, with the added kick of warming whisky. Orange juice, triple sec and lemon soda combine to make things extra zesty.

Whisky Sour

Much like Ballantine’s Finest, the Whisky Sour is an iconic recipe that’s stayed true for over a hundred years. The whisky, lemon juice and sugar syrup combo is all you need to make this sweet yet sour drink. Top with frothy egg whites for the cocktail’s signature foamy layer. Or use aquafaba for a vegan alternative.

Scotch and Lemonade

Nothing beats a simple mix of Scotch and Lemonade. This instant crowd pleaser can be made in seconds yet will keep you refreshed all weekend long. Use Ballantine’s Brasil that mixes scotch whisky and lime flavourings for an extra zesty tang.

Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that celebrates the complex flavours of whisky. Only a few ingredients are added including sugar and bitters. In our own take on the original recipe, we use orange bitters and an orange peel garnish to elevate the scotch’s sweet, smooth notes.

Whisky Paloma

If you’re not adding grapefruit to your cocktail repertoire, you’re missing out. Most people think of lemons and limes when it comes to citrus flavoured drinks, but once you go grapefruit you’ll never go back. Mixing the sweet smoke of our finest scratch with fizzy grapefruit soda, this Whisky Paloma has got to be on your list.

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Lemon Honey Whisky Sour

Give the classic Whisky Sour an extra lemony tang with this sharp sipping twist. Extra lemon juice and a dash of honey syrup make this Lemon Honey Whisky Sour equally cool and comforting. 

Whisky Fanta

Wake up the night with Whisky and Orange Soda. It’s just as fun, fizzy and fruity as your childhood Fanta. But this time it’s adults only. Ballantine’s Passion adds an extra dose of tropical sweetness with flavours or melon, kiwi and grapefruit.

Whisky Julep

You won’t get much fresher than a Whisky Julep. Extra lime and ginger adds a fiery, citrus twist to a classic mint julep recipe. Creating a spicy, sweet cocktail that’ll see you through those balmy summer days.

Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour

Keep this recipe handy for this year’s holiday celebrations. The wintery Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour combines the best festive flavours in a showstopping cocktail that’ll definitely make you the host of the season. Orange and lime come together with cranberry and a top of ginger beer, the perfect complement to every occasion.

The Guadalupe

Our Guadeloupe cocktail is as tropical as it gets. Fresh lemon, charred pineapple, smoked maple and our 17 Year Old whisky combine to create a complex, citrus drink that’s unlike any other you’ve had. Perfect for sipping poolside – or whilst you reminisce of holidays gone by.

Orange Twist

This citrus cocktail gives an Old Fashioned an even more citrus kick. The pear, vanilla and cinnamon notes of our 23 Year Old whisky are balanced with spiced orange bitters to create a seriously delicious serve we call Orange Twist.

Whisky & Grapefruit

Make a mixed citrus drink that’s lip-smackingly good with this grapefruit whisky cocktail. It’s bubbly, sour and slightly sweet. The only way to stay fresh this summer.

Eastern Promise

Marzipan lovers listen up. Inspired by flavours of the East, our whisky lime cocktail is tantalisingly zesty. Orange Curacao, fresh lime and almond flavoured Orgeat are mixed with our 21 Year Old whisky that brings notes of dried fruit and honey-sweet apple. 

Find more whisky cocktails to make with Ballantine’s. There’s plenty of fruity whisky drinks and orange whisky cocktails to get shaking.

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