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Sweeten up cocktail hour with these cherry whisky drinks

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Cherry Scotch & Soda

Start simple with this easy cherry mixer. Cherry juice, soda water and Ballantine’s Finest is all you need to make this cherry whisky drink. It’s a juicy remix of our classic scotch and soda recipe

Serve with ice on a hot summer’s afternoon for a fruity refresher. Easy to mix and delicious to drink, it doesn’t get better or simpler than this.

Cherry Whisky Sour

If you’re looking for a tasty cherry cocktail, then look no further. The Cherry Whisky Sour is as cherry as they come, featuring the sweet and sour juicy fruit as the star of the show. 

Cherry syrup combines with Ballantine’s Wild for an extra boost of cherryness, whilst sugar syrup and lime add a touch of tangy sweetness. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some fresh cherries before shaking for good measure (and a delightful garnish).

Cherry Whisky Sour

Class up the cocktails at your next big night in with this fruity twist on a much-loved classic; the cherry whisky sour.


Cherry Tonic

Whip up a round of cherry tonics and become the legendary owner of cocktail hour. This tangy, sweet drink mixes tonic water with our new cherry flavoured whisky that’s bursting with flavour. 

Don’t be afraid to make it your way. Swap tonic for fizzy lemon soda for a playful, sugary twist on a classic serve. However you make it, do it with the free-spirited confidence of Ballantine’s Wild.

Cherry Blossom Highball

This cherry inspired drink is inspired by the delicate petals of the cherry blossom. Otherwise known as the Sakura Highball, its light, floral flavours pair beautifully with the soft, smooth notes of our 15 Year Old single malt.

Whilst you may not want to eat the tree’s fruit (a little sour for us humans), the picture-perfect bloom that appears for just a few weeks each year is perfectly suitable as a garnish. Pop your petals in ice overnight for a classy finishing touch to this delicious drink.

Cherry Blossom Highball

To stay true to the whisky, it has been lengthened with unflavoured soda to create a classic highball serve.


Rob Roy

For those in the know, a Rob Roy is simply a Manhattan made with scotch. But also, it’s the shot of Ballantine’s 12 that makes it a true Scottish legend.


Cherry Rob Roy

If you enjoy a Manhattan then the Rob Roy is a cocktail you won’t want to miss. This Scottish twist on the traditional Manhattan recipe pays homage to one of Scotland’s celebrated figures and is now a classic whisky drink.

Served with a maraschino cherry, the Rob Roy is already a cherry-ish drink. But if you’re in the mood for extra cherries, add a dash of maraschino liqueur for extra sweetness. 

Blood and Sand

A sweet and fruity top shelf cocktail coming straight from Moxxi’s Bar for all you Vault Hunters out there


sandbox sip

Enjoy this super fruity cherry cocktail straight from Moxxi’s Bar. Made with our Borderlands edition of Ballantine’s Finest, this drink is dangerously delicious.

Sweet vermouth and scotch mix with cherry liqueur and orange juice. Simple.

Maraschino Cherry Old Fashioned

Add a cherry twist to a timeless cocktail with this fruity recipe. The Old Fashioned is as classic as they come and perfect for making your own way. 

Add a dash of maraschino liqueur to the whisky, sugar and bitters mix before garnishing with a maraschino cherry. *Chef’s kiss*.

Find more ways to drink Ballantine’s with our collection of whisky cocktail recipes. We’ve got everything from your favourite fruity whisky drinks to the best variations on a classic whisky sour.

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