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18 mixers to drink with whisky

for when you want something simple

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There’s no rules for drinking whisky. Neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail – you can’t go wrong with how you sip your scotch. 

If you fancy a simple tipple that takes the edge off, then a whisky mixed drink is on the agenda. When paired with other flavours, whisky can really show off its spicy, sweet or savoury finish.

Here we share the best scotch whisky mixers, from classic combos to more exotic pairings. Which will you try first?


A good mixer for whisky should complement its flavours and enhance the overall drinking experience. Here are some qualities to look for in a mixer for scotch whisky:

Complementary flavours

Choose mixers that have flavours that marry well with the profile of the whisky. For example, mix a smoky whisky with a mixer that has similar smoky or woody notes, or pair a sweeter whisky with a mixer that has a fruity or caramel taste.


The mixer should balance the intensity of the whisky without overpowering it. It should enhance the whisky’s characteristics without masking them entirely.

Texture: Consider the texture of the mixer and how it interacts with the whisky. Mixers with a similar viscosity to the whisky can create a smoother drinking experience, while carbonated mixers can add effervescence and lighten the drink.


Look for mixers that can complement a variety of whisky styles and flavour profiles. This allows for easy experimentation and customisation based on personal preferences when you keep them stocked in your at-home bar.


Consider the serving temperature of the mixer and how it affects the overall drinking experience. Some mixers are best served chilled or over ice, while others are enjoyed at room temperature or even slightly warmed.

Personal preference

Ultimately, what makes a good mixer for whisky is one that you enjoy. Experiment with different combinations to find your favourite. If it works for you, it works.

What to mix with whisky


1. Cola

Whisky and coke is a classic combo. The sweet caramelly flavours of cola are a delicious match for the honeyed rich notes of scotch. Serve your way with tons of ice, a lime wedge or go to town with an ice cream float.


2. Orange soda

There’s not much to like about whisky and orange soda. It’s fruity, it’s fizzy. It’s your favourite holiday drink with an over 18 twist. We love ours with a shot of Ballantine’s Passion to add an extra helping of long lasting tropical taste.

ballantines finest whisky cola

Whisky & Coke

Two’s company and three’s a crowd pleaser. Mix up this three ingredient classic to kick off a night with friends.


3. Lemonade

Mix up a batch of whisky and lemonade for summer sizzlers; the ultimate refresher. The sweet citrus soda is a light pairing, perfect for those who aren’t so keen on stronger drinks. And there’s plenty of variations to try. Go classic with cloudy, keep it cool with frozen, or give scotch and Sprite a whirl for an extra zesty drink.


4. Ginger ale

Like spice? Good. You’ll love this mixed whisky drink. Whisky and ginger ale is a go to combo no matter the weather or occasion. The light but spicy fizz adds a hint of ginger to the smooth, honeyed scotch. Top yours with lime, lemon or a sprig of mint.


5. Ginger beer

For an extra fiery tipple, give whisky and ginger beer a bash. This mixer is slightly spicier than its ale alternative, making for a super zingy drink. Go to town with fresh lime juice for superior freshness. 

6. Cream soda

Cream soda for adults? Sign us up. Take it back to simpler times with this rich, creamy mixer that’s 100% vegan. It’s an easy drink for when you want something seriously sweet and seriously comforting. Check out our cream soda cocktail.


7. Tonic

Swap the G&T for a W&T with this thirst quenching combo. A whisky tonic is as simple as it gets – but don’t underestimate its deliciousness. The tart taste of tonic and sweet warming finish of scotch are just too good.


Whisky & Ginger Ale

Spicy and refreshing in one, kick things up a gear with the classic pairing of Ballantine’s whisky & Ginger Ale.

ballantines finest tonic drink

Whisky Tonic

A G&T without the G, Ballantine’s & Tonic Water is a real thirst quencher for those hot summer evenings.


8. Soda water

For a less bitter take on tonic, try this king of classics. It doesn’t get better, or simpler than our scotch and soda recipe, made using Europe’s No.1 scotch whisky, Ballantine’s Finest. It’s not too sweet and not too sour. Summer drinks sorted.


9. Coconut water

Switch on your out of office and whip up a round of this winning whisky mixer. Scotch and coconut water is a naturally sweet blend that screams Caribbean beaches and swaying palms. One sip and you’ll be in serious holiday mode.



You can’t get more Scottish than Irn Bru and scotch whisky. There is much debate over what Irn Bru actually tastes of, but there’s no denying that its notes of orange and lemon pair very well with the sweet, rich flavours of scotch. Try our Irn Bru and Whisky cocktail with your friends, and see what flavours each palette picks out.


11. Grapefruit soda

Got a craving for something that’ll make your face scrunch? If sour cocktails are your bag, then grapefruit is gonna be your new favourite mixer. Our whisky grapefruit cocktail calls for sweet and sour pink grapefruit soda – but you can easily swap it out for straight up juice.

Glenburgie 18 Year Old bottle with coconut and pandan leaf drink

Pandan & Coconut

Coconut and pandan are used to both complement the Glenburgie 18 YO’s abundant sweetness and balance the sharpness.


Whisky & Grapefruit

One sip of this, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of Grapefruit in your cocktail rotation, we promise.


12. Pineapple juice

If you like a Piña Colada, you’ll be #blessed to have found this whisky mixer. Our whisky pineapple cocktail is a bit boujee with added lemon, maple syrup and – wait for it – a charred pineapple wedge. But feel free to keep it simple with juice and ice.


13. Apple juice

Add a sweet tang to your scotch with this fruity pairing. Whisky and apple juice is a light, fresh mix that can be as simple or complicated as you like. Add to ice for an easy 2-ingredient drink or go wild with hints of lemon, honey, herbs or fizzy soda water.


14. Orange juice 

Get your mitts on adult only OJ with this sweet citrus combination. Go simple with a swig of juice or spend a few minutes on our ultimate whisky orange cocktail that calls for added triple sec and lemon soda. 


15. Lemon juice

Whisky and lemon is an age-old duo. From the hot toddy to the whisky sour, many classic whisky cocktails call for a squeeze of fresh juice. But if you CBA to get the shaker out, then give a Whisky Collins a go. This zesty highball is an easy mix of scotch, lemon, sugar and bitters.

ballantines 17 year old the guadalupe drink

The Guadalupe

Pineapple and lemon combine to give The Guadalupe a tropical flavour, which is as revitalising as it looks.

orange whisky highball

Orange Highball

Adult OJ? Yes please! Try this sharp but sweet highball with fresh orange juice and a touch of lemon soda.


16. Beer

Put any initial judgement aside, coz whisky and beer are a seriously good match. Each is made from similar, if not the same ingredients, so it’s no wonder they go together. Try your combo in a cocktail such as our Berry Beer or add a shot of scotch to your pint for a classic Boilmarker. Just remember to drink this stronger mix responsibility.


17. Tea

Yep you heard us. Tea and whisky is one of our favourite whisky mixers. But before you go pouring a shot in your brew, let us share how to do it. Whilst you can definitely stir scotch into your hot tea (add some lemon and honey for a toddy), a whisky ice tea is our go to method. Go classic with a black blend or keep it crisp with our iced green tea cocktail.


18. Coffee

If a cuppa joe is more your style, then give this combo a spin. We take our scotch and coffee drink with a pour of cold brew (and two sugars please). Or pump up the energy with a Cold Brew Kick, a whisky coffee cocktail with a serious wake up call.

We’re always discovering new things to add to our list of what to mix with whisky. So if you’ve got a creative whisky mixer we haven’t tried, we wanna know about it.


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