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Ballantine’s Day

Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Whisky Chocolate Milkshake

It’s officially that time of the year…

Ballantine’s Day 2024 has arrived. 

We’re hijacking Valentine’s Day in the name of Ballantine’s Day. We’re turning off all expectations of traditions and stereotypes, and instead staying true to doing the things we love.

Whether you’re seeking some last minute cocktail inspiration for a cosy solo night in or planning to share the love, keep scrolling to explore our essentials for the perfect Ballantine’s Day!

Indulging in Nutella straight from the jar or having a soft spot for watching The Notebook – we all have our “guilty pleasures” that we’re a little bit ashamed of, but we go back to every time we need a serotonin boost. Discover our 3 fresh cocktails inspired by the weird and wonderful combinations that we secretly love and aren’t ashamed to shout about.

in a pickle

No need to hide your love for salty snacks – embrace it with this pickled delight.

Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Pickle Juice Martini

chip & dip

Dip into decadence with our Ballantine’s twist on a creamy milkshake paired with salty chips. Surprisingly delightful, isn’t it?

Ballantine's Day Ballantine's Whisky Chocolate Milkshake

espresso parmo

Indulge your cheese cravings with our Espresso Parmo cocktail.

Watch Brand Ambassador Nikki do what she loves this Ballantine’s Day by mixing up a Chocolate Chilli Espresso Martini.

Spread the love far and wide this Ballantine’s Day, from your neighbour to your friendly barista! Just right click to save your favourite Ballantine’s Day card to your desktop and send a splash of love to your favourite person (or pet, because why not?)

Enhance your Ballantine’s Day experience even further and dive into our curated Spotify playlists. Unwind, enjoy, and let us set the perfect tone for your day.

Listen now!


You already know we’ve nailed the Finest Whisky to ever grace a glass. But that’s just a little drop of what we’re about. Scroll on for the latest news and features from across the world of Ballantine’s whisky, True Music and much, much more.

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