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This is our 7-year-old Scotch which is finished in American barrels. To celebrate the fusion of these two great whisky worlds, we created a new campaign to support it which was filmed in a unique style.

In just one single take, we capture a total transformation. Opening in an atmospheric Scottish pub, we see a guitarist performing an acoustic track. Bit by bit, the vibe starts to change until it is fully transformed into an American dive bar, complete with an electric guitarist, a pool table and blazing neon signs.

Check out the video below…

Look out for the hidden Easter eggs in the set! You’ll spot some old photos of Glenburgie Distillery and on both the football shirts and the American jerseys, you’ll see the numbers 1827 which is the year Ballantine’s was founded. If you look closely, you may also see Speyside, a key whisky-making region, marked out on the weatherman’s map.

Filming in just one single take meant that the action had to be precisely choreographed. A full day of rehearsal was required and we finally captured the perfect take on the 44th try!

We decided to create a behind-the-scenes story of the shoot in order to showcase its unique nature and celebrate the bespoke set, which was entirely built from scratch. You can check out the movie below to see how the Scotch Whisky. American Attitude. idea was crafted and brought to life, as well as to see the set (and all the bloopers!) in more detail.

Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel

Ballantine's 7 American barrel finish

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