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10 apple and whisky drinks for when you wanna shake up something sweet

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How’d you like them apples? Probably quite a lot seeing as you’re here to get the goss on the best apple and whisky cocktails.

Whisky and apple is a seriously good combo. The sweet fresh taste of forbidden fruit goes perfectly with the spicy, rich notes of scotch whisky, making for a beautifully balanced drink. And there’s no wrong way to do it. Go cool with cloudy apple juice in summer, spice it up with warming cider or add a dash of schnapps to a classic whisky cocktail. It’s a flavour for all seasons.

Here we share our favourite apple and whisky drinks to make at home with Ballantine’s.

Apple Whisky Sour

The clue’s in the name with this cunning cocktail. It’s sweet, sour and super fruity – guaranteed to become your new favourite order.

The original recipe is a simple one, combining fresh lemon juice with whisky, sugar and bitters for a zingy short drink that dates back over 150 years old. It might be a classic, but its simplicity also means it’s easy as apple pie to mix things up.

Swap lemon for apple and shake up this seriously fresh take on the whisky sour.

Apple Highball

This apple cocktail doesn’t fall far from the tree of our favourite orange highball recipe. It’s a simple variation that only requires one quick swap; OJ to AJ.

It’s got all the deliciousness of your childhood juice box with an adult whisky twist. Top a glass of ice with Ballantine’s 12, apple juice, triple sec and soda. Banging.

Apple Cider Slushie

Remember those bright blue slushies you used to slurp as a kid? This playful Apple Cider Slushie puts a grown up twist on a childhood classic. Nod to nostalgia with this apple and whisky drink made from fizzy apple cider, tangy lemon juice and sugar syrup – all blended up with plenty of ice. And then for the pièce de résistance: a generous glug of Ballantine’s Finest poured on top… perfection. It’s a refreshing apple whisky cocktail that, like us, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Appletiser One

Tasty apple and whisky drinks don’t need multiple ingredients and expert cocktail making equipment. 

Take our whisky and Appletiser cocktail, this modest drink is made from just golden Ballantine’s Finest and 150ml of deliciously sparkling Appletiser, plus ice and a lime wedge. It’s a thirst quenching apple and whisky cocktail that you can rustle up in seconds.

Whisky Apple Mule

The Whisky Apple Mule is a lively take on a Moscow Mule cocktail – just swap the vodka for creamy Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel Whisky, and add 30ml of apple juice to the usual mixer of ginger beer. Subtle flavours of sweet caramel in 7 American Barrel are given a delicious new dimension when paired with apple juice, and ginger beer adds a moreish fire. This apple and whisky cocktail was also a favourite of RZA’s during his trip to the home of Ballantine’s, so you know it’s got to be good.

Apple Pop

This fresh and fruity drink is the ultimate whisky apple cocktail. It’s light and refreshing whilst still packing a serious flavour punch. Perfect for spring soirees and your annual summer BBQ. 

Mix cloudy apple juice with whisky before topping up with soda water for some serious fizz. We use Ballantine’s Finest, our signature scotch that blends sweet honey notes with a hint of spice. It’s basically a match made in apple heaven.

Apple Cider Punch

This apple whisky drink packs some serious punch. It’s spicy, sweet and very seasonal, the go-to serve for your fall and winter gatherings. 

Serve it chilled in a bowl with tons of fruit, or keep it hot on the stove for those extra cold nights. Either way it’s the perfect centrepiece for any drinks table. Just use our OG apple cider punch recipe to whip up a big enough batch for your guestlist.


Apple Old Fashioned

Put a fruity twist on a can’t-go-wrong classic with an apple old fashioned. This centuries’ old cocktail is beloved for its short and sweet finish, created by mixing whisky with sugar and bitters. The perfect base for adding your own twist.

Nowadays there’s plenty of variations on a classic scotch old fashioned and this particular one calls for a shot of apple cider. Stir it in with Ballantine’s 7 Bourbon Barrel Finish for a sweet, tangy sip.

Apple Cider Old Fashioned cocktail Ballantine's

Apple Hot Toddy

When the nights get cold and your pile of blankets just won’t do, there’s only one solution – a cuppa hot toddy. This supreme classic has warmed our cockles before onesies and slankets hit the streets. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

Want your hot toddy drink with a side of apple? Swap boiling water for hot apple cider and get ultra cosy this festive season.


Spiced Apple Julep

The julep is a classic sweet cocktail that’s seen dozens of variations over the years. Ours is one for those autumnal nights when you want something a little fiery. 

Muddle fresh ginger and apple cider with sugar to create the sweet, warm base for this spiced julep. Then stir in ice, mint leaves and a glug of Ballantine’s scotch whisky. 

Looking for more delicious ways to drink whisky? If spice is your thing, give our favourite ginger and cinnamon whisky drinks a whirl. Or find out how to mix whisky and beer in our go to guide; it’s a combo you won’t want to miss.

Check out our collection of whisky cocktails for even more recipes, from timeless classics to unusual flavour pairings. But whatever works for you, works. After all, there’s no wrong way to drink Ballantine’s.

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