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Ballantine's Neat on the Rocks

We take Scotch pretty seriously here at Ballantine’s. Lucky for us, the Scots who make our Scotch take it pretty seriously too. So seriously that the ancient Scots used to call it the ‘Uisge-beatha,’ or the ‘water of life.’ Otherwise known as whisky.

But what exactly makes whisky, Scotch? What goes into making whisky, and what makes Ballantine’s whisky so, well, yummy anyway? If these are the burning questions you can’t wait to be answered, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll on and Slàinte!

[Oh, btw Slàinte is a ‘cheers’ to good health in Gaelic – it’s pronounced slanj]

How Whisky Is Made

We source our malt and grain from all corners of Scotland, bringing the best ingredients into our distilleries. This is where the magic happens…

people enjoying ballantines

Ballantine’s Finest

ballantine's finest bottle


The guardians of Ballantine’s recipes and consistency for over 200 years

Sandy Hyslop pouring whisky blends

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old

ballantines 17 year old blended scotch whisky
ballantines finest mixers glossary
Whisky Guide

Whisky Glossary

Don’t know your malt from your grain? Muddled about whether to splash or dash? This glossary is here to help you.

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ballantines finest cola mixer
Whisky Guide


Want to know where we get our name from? Is our scotch vegetarian? All your answers can be found here.

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