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Hot Toddy

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Curl up by the fire and stir some spice into the cold evenings this winter with this warming classic. You can’t go wrong with a cuppa hot toddy. Made with Ballantine’s finest scotch. Save this cocktail recipe to your favourites.

Is a hot toddy actually good for a cough and cold?

The killer combo of fresh lemon and hot water in a Hot Toddy is rumoured to kick the meanest of colds. Whilst honey is a well-known throat soother. Whether or not whisky adds relief is up for debate, but people have been using this recipe as an ailment for centuries – so who are we to argue.

Whilst it might not be scientifically proven, we reckon there’s something to be said for this comforting drink. Even if just to warm up a winter’s night.

Hot Toddy Ingredients

How to make a Hot Toddy

  • Add whisky, honey and lemon juice together in a heatproof glass.
  • Top up with boiling water.
  • Add lemon slice and cloves.

Hot Toddy variations

The classic Hot Toddy recipe is super easy to make your own. Add extra spice, pump up the sweetness or chuck in a new flavour. Make the usual or the unusual and get creative. Popular variations see hot water swapped for sweet apple cider, ginger ale or hot tea. You can also add a chai twist or trade lemon for orange to get a slightly fruitier serve.

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Ballantine’s Finest

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HOT TODDY: a cocktail history lesson

The Hot Toddy has a medicinal history. Back when alcohol was used to treat pain and hot drinks made cold nights bearable. One of the earliest recipes stems from 17th century India where the Hindi drink ‘taddy’ was made with hot water, spices and sugar. Fast forward 100 years, and with the addition of whisky, it had become a British pub staple.

Another origin story starts with Dr. Robert Bentley Todd in Dublin, who prescribed a similar mixture to patients. So we’re not 100% sure on who we have to thank for the classic Hot Toddy. But both tales are good enough to tell whilst you pour a round.

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