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Ultimate Whisky
Gift Guide for 2022

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Whisky products can make a great gift for someone who loves a good scotch but it’s important to understand the difference between something they’ll appreciate and something they’ll stuff at the back of a cupboard and never use. If you’re looking for the perfect whisky present, look no further than our expert gift guide. 

First off, think of the occasion. For example, when Father’s day comes around, you might be looking for whisky gifts for your dad. Or you might simply be getting in some early research for the holidays. The beauty of most whisky gifts is that they have a long shelf-life, so you can stash these presents away and have something to wow people at a moment’s notice.

Is whisky a good gift?

A bottle of whisky is a reliably excellent choice when it comes to making someone’s day. However, before you make a purchase, it’s important to know their personal preference when it comes to taste and style. Simply going off the price tag isn’t always the smartest idea as everyone’s taste buds are different, especially when it comes to the huge varieties of types of whisky out there. 

It makes it a lot easier when you know the kinds of flavours a person likes, not just in terms of spirits but also food and non-alcoholic drinks. If they have a drinks cupboard packed with a very specific type of whisky, then it makes sense to hunt around for an extra special version of it. 

Somebody with a taste for good quality blends and barrel-aged bottles is likely to appreciate our 7 Bourbon Barrel Finish, especially if they enjoy a hint of sweetness and fruit flavours. 

Equally, whisky-lovers who have a reputation for great parties will appreciate a liquor that works well with cocktails. This is where the classic Ballantine’s Finest can make a big impression, as it can be the basis of a great whisky sour or many other whisky-based cocktails.

If you are looking for a Valentine’s whisky gift, you could make a meaningful statement and pick up a bottle that has been aged for as many years as you’ve been together. Bottles are typically labelled at the seven and twelve year marks, with some premium bottles at the 17, 21 or even 30-year mark for you long-lasting loved-up couples. This can also work for those landmark birthdays (for people over the age of 18!). 

Which is the best whisky for a gift?

It’s not as simple as looking for the ‘best’ whisky as many factors come into play. However, some whiskies are practically tailor-made for gifts. These are special or limited edition releases, usually found around certain national celebrations and events. 

Take a look at the stunning 2021 Shawna X Limited Edition bottle, with all the joyous colours the artist herself is renowned for. As well as tasting great, the upbeat design and colours will appeal to anyone who appreciates art – as well as giving them a collector’s item for years to come.

On this note, the best whisky to get for a collector is any bottle that has the year of bottling on it. Take a look at any whisky auction site and you’ll find a vintage bottle that has the year it was produced printed on it is far more valuable than the rest. This is a good reason to keep an eye out for any of our 2022 special release bottles.

Still not sure what whisky to get? Cover all bases with a whisky gift basket. Designed as the perfect present for people who like to try new things, these combine multiple different types of whisky in stylish packaging. They’re typically in smaller measures, so once you notice which sample is finished quickest, you’ll know what to get for them next time.

What do you get for a whisky lover?

Aside from the obvious choice of a whisky tasting gift or full bottles, you might be wondering what else you can get a whisky lover. Whisky accessories could be the perfect answer. Most commonly, stones and glassware suitable for the individual or occasion.  

If you need to get a whisky Christmas gift, you could lean into the magic of the season and fill glass baubles with their favourite spirit. If you know their favourite bottle, personalise it to any occasion as well by adding an inside joke or message to the label. Another great Christmas gift for a whisky lover could be whisky stones – these are both useful and ornamental as they help to chill the liquid without diluting it. These can be found in any number of designs or variations to suit the lucky recipient.

Outside of national holidays, it could be a good idea to try for practical rather than consumable. A tried and tested gift is a glass with their favourite whisky label printed on it. Go for a classic tumbler with an imprint of the Ballantine’s logo, or pick out a Glencairn glass for the connoisseur in your life.

How do you order whisky as a gift?

You’ve decided on an unbeatable gift and now you need to order it. Of course, it all depends on what present you decide on but there are two main options: an online retailer or a physical store on the high street. 

If you went down the classic route of choosing a great bottle of whisky, you should be able to source it from any good retailer, but this depends on how rare it is. Higher value and less common bottles may require a slight detour to a specialist whisky store, but almost any dedicated liquor shop will be able to order in a bottle once you tell them the name and type you’re looking for.

On the other hand, whisky tasting kits and gift baskets can be slightly harder to track down. They’re not as common so there’s no guarantee a shop will have them in stock. If this is the case, you can make a special request, order online or even add a personal touch and make it yourself. 

Baskets and glassware for tasting samples can be found easily and it adds an extra level of effort to your gift that won’t go unnoticed. After all, with a gift, it’s often less about the item and more about the thought that went into it. Whatever your choice of present and however you order it, be sure to keep it in plain packaging and well out of sight once it arrives to avoid ruining the surprise.

Go the extra mile and get them something special

Whether you’re buying for a newcomer to whisky or someone with years of experience, our gift guide should have given you plenty of ideas. No matter what you choose, what they’ll remember more than anything is the effort you made to find something special for them. It beats a pair of socks, any day of the week.

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