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14 BBQ cocktails to shake up and serve this summer

Kentucky Whisky Mule Cocktail Ballantine's

When the sun is shining and the music’s pumping there’s nothing better than a help-yourself BBQ stacked with sizzling food. Whether you’re into build-your-own burgers, stuffed peppers or salmon steaks, you’ll be needing a drink to wash it all down with. And that’s where we come in.

Make your drinks the (almost) main event with a round of BBQ cocktails. From simple serves to impressive fruity highballs, there’s something to match whatever you put on the grill. 

So get shaking and pick your favourite summer BBQ cocktail for the season.

Apple Pop

When the weather’s popping and the BBQ’s sizzling, there’s only one drink you need. Meet Apple Pop, our fizzy, fun cocktail bursting with sweet apple flavours. The combo of this refreshing fruit and bubbling soda creates a zippy, light drink that packs a serious punch.

Brasil & Lemonade

Friends popped round uninvited? Last minute dash for burgers? If you need a cocktail that you can whizz up in seconds, look no further. We’ve made the classic duo of Scotch and lemonade extra refreshing with Ballantine’s Brasil. Our vibrant spirit drink is infused with fresh Brazilian limes for an extra zesty tang. It’s the perfect bottle to serve in those spontaneous moments.

Peach Whisky Iced Tea

Peach iced tea and Ballantine’s Finest whisky made a surprisingly delicious pairing, and the sunny flavours are ideal for a grill sesh.
This summer BBQ cocktail was created in collaboration with Wu-Tang clan legend, RZA, and is a fresh new way to enjoy our iconic Ballantine’s Finest scotch. Finishing touches of fresh mint, plus an apple slice and cinnamon stick give this Peach Whisky Iced Tea a little finesse to add a touch of class to your summertime get together.

Ballantine’s x RZA: Peach Whisky Iced Tea

A Park Hill native, RZA and Wu-Tang Clan helped put Staten Island on the map. Kick back, relax and sip on this delicious whisky Ice Tea cocktail.


Chilli Piña

Fruity and sweet but with a kick. Just how we like it. Say hello to the Ballantine’s Pia.


Ballantine’s Piña

Take your guests to the tropics with a smooth sweet mix of whisky Pina Colada. Inspired by the beachside beauty that is a Piña Colada, this cocktail has everything you need to bring those Caribbean feels to your BBQ. Add a dash of chilli syrup for a spicy kick that’ll take your crowd by surprise.

Bergamot Highball

Feeling fancy? If your BBQ is more grilled squid than burnt sausages, this drink is for you. The Bergamot cocktail is one for the citrus lovers, specifically those who’ve tried it, done it and are after something new. It’s bittersweet, tart and proper fruity, the ultimate serve for impressing your BBQ guests.

Bergamot Highball

We wanted to showcase a popular, yet relatively unknown citrus: the bergamot. The flavour is instantly recognisable, and the bittersweet, tart notes harmonise with the red berry and citrus notes of the Glentauchers.


Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.


Berry Beer

Hold your beer, we’ve got something better than your standard bucket of lager. Our whisky beer cocktail is packed with flavour from juicy blueberries, fresh lemon and a dollop of honey. You (and your guests) will never go for straight lager again.

Iced Green Tea

Who knew that green tea and whisky were a delicious match? We did. Which is why we combined them in a cocktail. Give your summer a serious upgrade with this simple yet impressive mix.


Kentucky Mule

Meet the Kentucky Mule, a zingy, whisky twist on the classic recipe. It’s fiery, refreshing and super easy to make. Soon to be your new go-to.

Passion Fanta

Sunnies at the ready, this cocktail screams summer. CBA to get the cocktail shaker? No worries. Save your efforts for what’s on the grill with Passion Fanta, an orange soda and whisky cocktail that’s outrageously easy to make, and drink.

Spritz My Way

Ballantine’s + Soda + Bubbles = Spritz life. Add Ballantine’s Finest and Italicus, with Soda water and Prosecco. Garnished with a rosemary sprig and orange wheel for an added spritz.


Spritz My Way

Celebrating? Feeling bubbly? Whether you’re marking an occasion or simply feeling like something different, this whisky Prosecco cocktail is all about those summer vibes, boasting sweet, delicious flavours of elderflower and fruits. Get ready to be awarded BBQ host of the season.


Spiced Julep

Putting a whisky twist on another classic cocktail is the Ginger Mint Julep, a spicy, sweet drink with a few secret ingredients. 

Whisky Ginger Julep

This may look like a standard julep but inside that tin cup is a delicious secret: lime and ginger. Mix it up for a spicy sweet hit suitable for any occasion.


Summer Pitcher

Summer time, and the living’s pitchin’. Add lemon slices and halved green grapes, Ballantine’s Finest, fresh lemon juice, Lillet Blanc, and top with Lemonade. Give it a good stir and pour out a round.


Summer Pitcher

Hosting a crowd? No idea what to serve? Don’t worry we got you. All you’ll need is a bowl, tons of ice and a few simple ingredients to whizz up this whisky pitcher cocktail that was made for summertime serving.

Sweet Iced Tea

Our iced tea cocktail is arguably the best of the best, a bit of home comfort for your next BBQ. Fresh brew, sugar, lemon mint and ice. 


Whisky Tonic

It’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s a G&T without the G. It’s the one and only Whisky Tonic. This classic serve is a real crowd pleaser on hot summer evenings when the sun’s shining and the radio’s playing your favourite beats.

Whisky Tonic

A G&T without the G, Ballantine’s & Tonic Water is a real thirst quencher for those hot summer evenings.


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