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Celebrate International Scotch Day with these 12 easy scotch cocktails

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February 8th marks International Scotch Day and what better way to mark this monumental occasion than with a celebratory cocktail?

Whether you’re a seasoned scotch drinker or new to the game, these easy scotch cocktails are perfect for sipping and savouring on this day and beyond. From classic mixes to modernised drinks, here’s our shortlist of the best simple recipes to make with Ballantine’s. 

So let’s raise a glass and toast to International Scotch Day with a delicious cocktail in hand!

Spritz My Way

Mix scotch with your favourite fizz in this celebratory drink. Our whisky Prosecco cocktail is a delicious twist on an Italicus Spritz; fresh, floral and fancy. Plus it’s super easy to make so you don’t have to work hard to earn those hosting points.

Berry Beer

One for the beer lovers, this very berry cocktail is an unexpected mix of lager, lemon, honey and scotch – with a fresh muddle of blueberries thrown in for good measure. You better believe it’s as good as it sounds.

ballantines berry beer drink

Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.

borderlands sand box sip

Blood and Sand

A sweet and fruity top shelf cocktail coming straight from Moxxi’s Bar for all you Vault Hunters out there


Sandbox Sip

Fancy something fruity? Get your cherry on with the Sandbox Sip, a deliciously pink drink of whisky and sweet vermouth with cherry liqueur and OJ. Simply shake everything together with ice before straining into your best coupe glass.


Kentucky mule

No drink is quite as delicious, and quite as simple, as the whisky mule. This warm weather twist on the Moscow Mule combines ginger beer, lime juice, and Ballantine’s scotch whisky for a timeless blend. It’s sure to become your new favourite.

Apple Pop

Get popping this International Scotch Day with this whisky and apple juice cocktail. Our signature bottle of Ballantine’s Finest adds a blend of honey sweetness and a touch of spice to cloudy apples and fizzing soda water to keep you refreshed all night long.

Whisky and Apple Juice Cocktail Recipe

Apple Pop Spritz

Zippy, fresh, and light, the Apple Pop is a low-octane cocktail that still packs a serious flavour punch.

ballantines 17 year old

Sazerac Twist

Ballantine’s 17 Year Old has both a richness and complex spicy notes, so naturally works fantastically well in a Sazerac-style serve.


Sazerac Twist

Go for a classic serve this International Scotch Day with a Sazerac. This strong and smoky drink is similar to an Old Fashioned, but with an extra kick of Absinthe. Try our scotch Sazerac with a citrus twist that elevates the spicy notes of Ballantine’s 17 Year Old. Exceptional.

Whisky Orange Soda

Want something seriously simple yet rewardingly delicious? Whip up a round of orange soda and whisky, or what we like to call, adults only Fanta. Don’t forget to use Ballantine’s Passion for an extra dosing of tropical, fruity flavour.


Spiced Julep

Give our unique twist on a whisky julep a go – it’s got extra spice without the extra effort. This recipe is all about the fresh ingredients. Ginger, lime and mint leaves are muddled with sugar before you pour in the scotch. Serve with tons of crushed ice and get sipping.

Ballantine's Finest Spiced Julep Drink

Whisky Ginger Julep

This may look like a standard julep but inside that tin cup is a delicious secret: lime and ginger. Mix it up for a spicy sweet hit suitable for any occasion.


Iced Green Tea

Keep it pure chill with an Iced Green Tea, spiked with Ballantine’s scotch. This simple yet delicious drink is light and refreshing, and only calls for a few ingredients. So get the kettle on and make a round of our green tea cocktail.

Bobby Burns

Celebrate the legacy of a Scottish hero this International Scotch Day with the Bobby Burns. This rich tipple is all about the balance of sweet and smoky, mixing equal parts scotch, sweet vermouth and Bénédictine liqueur. To prepare, stir the ingredients over ice and serve in a chilled glass with a twist of lemon. Hear hear!


Brasil Collins

Revamp your scotch collins with our zesty version, blending lemon juice and bitters with Ballantine’s Brasil whisky. This refreshing cocktail is super easy to whip together and makes for the perfect drink when spontaneous events arise. Get the music playing and grab your cocktail shaker to make a round.


Whisky Collins

The ideal cocktail for when the sun is setting and the speaker is blasting.


Scots Coffee

Add some spritz to your scotch with our coffee and cream soda cocktail. You’ll need to prepare some espresso in advance but that’s about as difficult as this recipe gets. Once cool, mix with Ballantine’s Finest, cream soda and a glass of ice. See… simple really.

Discover more ways to enjoy Ballantine’s scotch whisky this International Scotch Day with our collection of whisky cocktail recipes including classic whisky mixers and our beginner’s guide to whisky tasting at home.

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