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6 whisky drinks that are similar to a Mojito cocktail

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A Mojito is a top tier drink that’s known and served across the world. Minty, limey, light and sweet, poured over tons of crushed ice. Chances are you’ve sipped a fair few in the sunshine – it’s what this cocktail is all about.

The original mix is rumoured to date back to the 1500s when aguardiente de caña was mixed with sugar, lime and mint to relieve fevers in Havana. This was later replaced with white rum, and topped with soda water to create the drink we know all too well today.

The classic Mojito recipe might be hard to beat – but we love a challenge. And a whisky remix is our favourite kind of remix. The warming, smooth touch of our blended single malt scotch works wonderfully with the Mojito’s go-to flavours. And is especially good for those who prefer a dark rum pour.

So if you like the citrussy, minty freshness of a Mojito, but want to try something a little less obvious, read on. We’ve perfected the best whisky variations from Mules to Juleps. We’ve also come up with our own inspired drinks that have the same tangy sweetness.

Here we share our favourite drinks that are similar (and some say better) than a Mojito.

Whisky Julep

If you like a Mojito, then you’ll love a Julep. This tall drink is a close cousin of the Mojito, with both sharing that citrusy, minty flavour. The only difference is that instead of rum, the Mint Julep is mixed with sweet, smooth whisky for a bit of extra golden depth.

Our Whisky Julep can be made to a classic Mojito recipe but if you fancy a spicy surprise, we love to add fresh ginger to the mix. Muddle with lime juice and sugar before adding mint leaves and whisky. It’s a delicious secret that’s best kept that way, served in a traditional tin cup.

Kentucky Mule

Enjoyed the fiery twist of our Whisky Julep? Don’t miss this next cocktail – it’ll be right up your street. 

Simple, fresh and seriously light, the Kentucky Mule is a whisky twist on a Moscow Mule, another close cousin of the Mint Julep. But instead of vodka or white rum, this one uses warm, spiced scotch to keep things interesting. Ginger beer and lime juice make it zesty, zingy and fizzy. Served with fresh mint and tons of crushed ice in a copper mug.

Ballantine’s Brasil and Lemonade

Replicate a Mojito’s citrus freshness with this simple two-ingredient mixer you can put together in minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

Satisfying simple and seriously fizzy, a scotch and lemonade is an instant crowd pleaser. And our zesty lime flavoured whisky makes it the ultimate summer serve. Ballantine’s Brasil is our free-spirited scotch, infused with a refreshing lime tang. Perfect for sipping solo or with a pour of sweet lemonade.

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Eastern Promise

The Eastern Promise is our most popular whisky lime cocktail. It’s a similarly zesty drink to the Mojito, but this time with an added touch of rich, marzipan sweetness. 

Dry orange Curacao and orgeat combine to create a creamy, citrus serve that’s balanced by fresh lime juice and a few drops of coffee bitters. Whilst our 21 Year Old whisky adds in an indulgent smooth spice with notes of apple, liquorice and dried fruit.

Iced Green Tea

Keep to the theme of a Mojito’s green summer freshness with this iced green tea cocktail. It’s surprisingly easy to make and guaranteed to not be on your guests’ radar.

You’ll want to brew green tea in advance. But once that’s done, all you need to do is add ice, soda water and a pour of Ballantine’s Finest whisky. It’s our signature blended scotch that’s stayed true to the original recipe since 1910. Serve with a wedge of lemon and wake up the night in style.

Whisky Apple Mule

Mix up your fruity citrus drinks with this sweet variation on a classic cocktail. Our Whisky Apple Mule combines the best of a Mule’s ginger and lime flavours with the ripe, sweetness of apple juice. 

Make with Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel whisky that’s partly finished in American barrels to get an extra smooth finish. The notes of soft red apples and toffee make this the perfect scotch to pair with the Mule’s apple and citrus ingredients.

Once you’ve made these Mojito inspired drinks, it’s time to get creating other cocktails. Discover more whisky drinks to make with Ballantine’s, or put your own twist on other classic recipes. Check out our favourite Moscow Mule variations or try our favourite frozen blended cocktails for summer sipping.

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