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The best Borderlands female characters and why we love ‘em

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Borderlands’ female residents are some of the strongest, most independent characters we’ve ever seen on the screen. From the deadly Siren Lilith to the kickass mechanic Ellie, these women are more than just supporting roles – they’re central characters with their own backstories, personalities and quick-witted banter.

Each has won the hearts of many gamers thanks to their unshakable determination, humour and fighting spirit. They encapsulate the courage and strength that us gamers expect from female protagonists, breaking stereotypes and proving that they are just as capable as their male counterparts.

From their distinctive dress sense to their witty one-liners, the Borderlands women have left an undeniable mark on gaming culture. Read on as we delve into Borderlands’ female characters and why we can’t help but love ‘em.

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Mad Moxxi

Strong, unashamed and outrageously flirty, Mad Moxxi is a fascinating woman. Under her daring clothing and dramatic makeup is a compassionate, thoughtful side and a clever, calculating mind which allows her to stay one step ahead at all costs. Ain’t nobody taking advantage of our Moxxi.

The former Vault Hunter is now responsible for a collection of bars (and broken hearts), as well as being Ballantine’s Chief Galactic Expansion Officer. Head on over for a sip of Moxxi’s Bar Limited Edition – it’s out of this world.


Known for her quick wit and resourcefulness, Ellie is a proud, independent woman. And she’d definitely be a role model in the real world. This self-starting mechanic is an expert at fixing up vehicles, so you’ll wanna pay her a few visits throughout the series. But what truly makes Ellie stand out is her fierce loyalty and unshakeable spirit. 

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, our girl never gives up and always finds a way to keep on going. Being a plus-sized woman in a leading role, Ellie is a true icon and a reminder that strength comes in many forms.


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Patricia Tannis

Who doesn’t love a mad scientist? Especially when they’re a woman. Patricia Tannis is arguably the most intelligent (and eccentric) Borderlands character. And it’s just one reason why we love her. 

Patricia’s brilliant mind makes her an expert at uncovering the mysteries of the ancient Eridian civilisation. And sure, she might be blunt and abrasive but it’s also what makes her so endearing to us fans. Her quirky sense of humour and unorthodox approach to problem-solving make her the face of Borderlands’ individuality. Proving that there really is no wrong way to do things.



Fiona is a standout female protagonist in the Borderlands series, known for her intelligent, cunning character. She’s a skilled con artist and thief, with a talent for thinking on her feet (thanks adoptive Daddy). And we love that much of what she becomes is determined by the Vault Hunters.

After a somewhat challenging past, Fiona refuses to be beaten by life’s challenges and is about as fearless as they come. She’s one to keep close for getting out of sticky situations or simply for her hilarious wit and banter.


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lilith gbx final aspect ratio 4 4


Lilith is one of the OG beloved Borderlands characters. As the series’ first playable Siren, she possesses unique powers that allow her to become invisible, move at incredible speeds, and cause massive explosions. Epic.

A formidable warrior and a natural leader, Lilith has a strong sense of justice and will (quite, literally) do whatever it takes to protect her friends and allies. She’s strong, powerful and inspiringly fierce. The Borderlands universe wouldn’t be complete without her.



Maya is a character that has grown in personality and popularity. As a Siren, she possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, allowing her to control the battlefield with devastating force. But what truly sets Maya apart is her complex character and compelling backstory. 

She is a determined, compassionate warrior, who takes protecting others pretty seriously, especially her fellow Sirens. Her resilience has won her a legion of fans who each admire her unwavering sense of justice and her ability to stay focused in the face of overwhelming odds.


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Athena might have a somewhat lax moral compass – given the extent of destruction she causes – but that doesn’t stop her from being one of our favs. As a former female assassin, she’s a warrior with a heart, and you know she’d stand up for you in the streets. 

Athena’s code of honour and loyalty to her friends makes up for her lack of social skills. Just talk about melee, combat or work and you’ll be good.


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