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Characters from Borderlands as Whisky Bottles

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Hey Vault Hunters, ever wondered which whisky is your favourite characters go to? After a long day of shooting and looting, the colourful residents of Pandora are known to enjoy a post-apocalyptic drink at Moxxi’s Bar. And we hear whisky is the liquor of choice.

So if you’re wondering which bottle they’re sipping on, we’ve got the answers. Here we share our most beloved Borderlands characters and their Ballantine’s spirit whisky.

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Mad Moxxi = Ballantine’s Finest

Mad Moxxi is a Borderlands OG. Having been around since the start, she’s a globally revered icon, much like our signature Ballantine’s blend that’s stayed true to its original recipe since 1910.

Under her bold and daring facade, Moxxi’s a romantic at heart, having had a string of lovers and fair few marriages. She’s the perfect balance of sweet and spice. And now she’s gone and got her own limited edition bottle of Ballantine’s. She calls it Moxxi’s Finest.

Ballantine’s Finest

ballantine's finest bottle

Claptrap = Ballantine’s Brasil

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Pandora wouldn’t be the same without Borderlands’ most iconic character. This chatty Hyperion robot is more expressive than most humans, never afraid to big himself up or crack a zesty joke.

And whilst some consider Claptrap’s enthusiasm to be pure arrogance, we reckon he’s a passionate, vibrant spirit who simply follows the beat of his own drum. A bit like drinkers of Ballantine’s Brasil, our tangy citrus blend for those who embrace passion and let feelings take the lead.

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Ballantine’s Brasil

ballantines brasil spirit drink

Handsome Jack = Ballantine’s Barrel Smooth

Despite being a twisted villain, Handsome Jack remains a fan favourite and truthfully what would Borderlands be without his sadistic leadership?

No matter how evil his day to day actions may be, Jack’s dominating charisma is unrivalled. The charming antagonist is as smooth as our smoothest whisky. And that’s saying something. Barrel Smooth might not be sinful, but it’s exceptionally smooth with a touch of tang for good measure.

Ballantine’s Barrel Smooth

ballantine's barrel smooth
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Krieg = Ballantine’s Wild

Krieg is a character of two minds. A psychotic side created by his tragic past is balanced by the remains of his thoughtful, former self. Whilst his body and mouth are victim to rage, the small part of sanity still intact acts as a moral compass, guiding the inner madness to beat Pandora’s villains.

Wild at heart, sweet in nature, Krieg couldn’t be anything other than Ballantine’s Wild. Our newest flavoured whisky bursts with flavour, matching tart tanginess with the sweeter side of succulent cherry.

Ballantine’s Wild

ballantines wild 70cl bottle

Sir Hammerlock = Ballantine’s 23 Year Old

Sir Alistair Hammerlock is Borderlands’ more well-mannered character. The hunter and scholar is a reassuring companion within Pandora’s deadly wastelands. And his stylish attire is unmatched.

Hammerlock’s bold instinct and charm is much like a glass of Ballantine’s 23 Year Old. This hand-selected blend is an elegant balance of oakiness and honeyed spice, delivering a depth of flavour with a comforting smooth finish.

Ballantine’s 23 Year Old

ballantines 23 year old bottle 2

So what do you reckon? Does your favourite blend align with your best loved character? Discover more ways to drink Ballantine’s with our collection of whisky drinks. And don’t forget to check out Moxxi’s very own recipes including her high energy coffee cocktail and the fiery Moxxi’s Mule.

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