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10 whisky loving variations of the Bloody Mary

rza x flying goose - RZA Brooklyn Mary

The Bloody Mary is the original brunch cocktail. For curing hangovers or starting the day in style. It’s a classic spirit and juice drink that doesn’t play it safe. And aside from the original combination of tomato and vodka, there’s also endless ways to shake up the core recipe. 

We’re firm believers that there’s no wrong way to mix things up. And the Bloody Mary is one of those cocktails that everyone drinks differently. Tons of Tabasco, lime vs lemon, a pinch of smoked paprika – you can really go to town on making it your own. 

Whether you prefer spicy or sweet, herby or fruity, there’s a twist out there for you. And what better way to do it than with whisky – our favourite kind of remix.

Here’s our top ways to make a variation of the Bloody Mary. Ballantine’s style.

The Brooklyn Mary

Meet the Brooklyn Mary. Our Wu-Tang inspired take on a spicy Bloody Mary created with an extra-chilli kick. The recipe calls for two teaspoons of RZA Presents: Ballantine’s x Flying Goose Sriracha, our limited edition sauce that brings the heat. 

Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel Whisky replaces vodka to keep things smooth and sweet. Balancing out the spice and complementing the rich tomato freshness with a long, soft finish.

Green Mary

Less bloody, more grassy. This green mix uses green tomatoes instead of red to make a lighter looking serve. Plus a blend of cucumber, coriander and other green herbs for a seriously fresh hit.

Unripened tomatoes have a tarter taste so you might want to balance this out with a bit of extra sweetness. Mix with Ballantine’s Barrel Smooth, our smoothest whisky yet. Selectively finished in caramelised oak barrels, it’s distinctively sweet and tangy with notes of vanilla, honey and liquorice.

Glenburgie Goose

Move over tomatoes. Mango’s in town. This surprising mango chilli cocktail is guaranteed to be your new drink of summer. 

The tangy blend of sweet mango juice, fresh lime and spicy sriracha sauce is cooled by smooth Ballantine’s whisky. It’s the ultimate fruity Bloody Mary remix that’ll make you the MVP of brunch hour.

Bacon Mary

Most often drunk at brunch and lunch, the Bloody Mary is already sipped between bites of bacon. So why not add it to the cocktail? Crispy rashers can be added as a fun, edible garnish. But you can also infuse your whisky with bacon flavour for extra saltiness. 

All you need to do is add the cooked bits of fat to your scotch in a jar once chilled and leave to infuse for a few hours. Once separated, remove from the whisky and strain your infused blend until clear and smoky.

rza x flying goose Caledonia Caliente

Bloody Caesar

The Bloody Mary is a global hit. So much so that this ocean inspired twist has now become Canada’s national cocktail. 

A dash of clam juice is added to the classic Bloody Mary mix for a hit of salty freshness. Said to be inspired by an Italian seafood pasta sauce. If you’re feeling brave, you might just make this savoury variation your go-to Bloody Mary order.

Bloody Bull

Add extra meaty punch to the Bloody Mary mix with the addition of beef broth. It’s rich, savoury and plenty beefy, pairing perfectly with the original ingredients of lemon, hot sauce and tomato.

We use our 10 Year Old Whisky when we shake up this Bloody Mary variation. Smooth, sweet and with an oaky finish, it’s the ultimate golden honey spirit. 

Bloodless Mary

Tomato juice can be a bit rich for some. In which case, swapping to this lighter alternative is the perfect move. Made with tomato water, it’s thinner, clearer and less juicy. But still with the same spiced, seasoned flavours. 

Make with Ballantine’s Finest to bring the warmth and sweetness. Soft, honey heather aromas meet a hint of spice and floral after-taste. It’s a recipe that’s stayed true to the original since 1910.

Caledonia Caliente

Take out the tomato to get a shorter, spicy drink that’ll bring the heat all year round. Our chilli whisky cocktail takes the Bloody Mary’s kick to a whole new level. It’s not one for the faint hearted.

Sriracha sauce and a chilli pepper garnish add the fire. With lime and coriander to keep things fresh. Add sweetness with agave nectar and smooth, scotch whisky. And serve with plenty of ice.


The Mexican twist on a Bloody Mary isn’t quite what you’d think. Instead of vodka, Mexican lager is mixed with the classic combination of chilli, lime and tomato to create a seriously good party serve. 

Recipes are still as varied as any Bloody Mary might be. So feel free to experiment with soy, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce. And add a whisky kick to keep things smooth.

Bunny Mary

You might think Bloody Mary’s aren’t for you if you’re not a fan of tomatoes. But the juice, spice and spirit mix works any way you make it. Take the Bunny Mary for example. This veggie cocktail uses carrot juice for a sweet and earthy flavour. 

For even more Bloody Mary variations that use different spirits, try these recipes:


Red Snapper: swap vodka for gin

Bloody Pirate or Dark Rum Mary: swap to dark, spiced rum

Cubanita: swap to white rum

Bloody Maria: swap to tequila

No matter how you like your Bloody Mary, if it works for you, it works. 


Like the heat? Find more spicy whisky cocktails to mix up this summer. Or try some fruity whisky drinks that bring the sweetness. There’s plenty more recipes to make at home with Ballantine’s.

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