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Best dessert cocktails to make at home with whisky

whisky flip cocktail recipe Ballantine's

Why have dessert when you can have a cocktail? That’s our motto anyway. Whether you’re looking for a post-dinner sugar rush or a lightly sweetened digestif, we’ve got you covered.

End your night on a sweet note with these best dessert cocktails. Check out the recipes below!

Whisky Flip

Whip up a Whisky Flip and get your hands on this rich and creamy drink, worthy of any occasion. The whisky, amaretto and double cream combo is super simple but doesn’t lack in flavour. 

We make ours with Ballantine’s Finest to match the sweet almond liqueur with its soft, lightly spiced finish. Make a round after a dinner with friends or get in the festive mood at your next holiday gathering. It’s the perfect drink for when you want something light yet creamy to finish off an epic evening.

Whisky Shake

Whisky. Ice cream. Chocolate. And every kind of topping you could imagine. The Whisky Shake is the best dessert cocktail going. Good enough to serve for movie night, Friday night, or any evening you wanna go extra. 

This epic looking drink screams deliciousness and yet it’s super easy to make. Top the whisky, milk and ice cream blend with any treat you fancy. From cookies and cream to popcorn, marshmallows and a giant donut – go nuts. Give this ice cream cocktail a whirl next time you’ve got room for dessert.

Whisky Milkshake

Rich and creamy with a kick. If you can’t decide between dessert or whisky, this shake is for you. Strictly for over 18’s.


Pandan & Coconut

Coconut and pandan are used to both complement the Glenburgie 18 YO’s abundant sweetness and balance the sharpness.


Pandan & Coconut

Who said dessert cocktails had to be creamy? This fruity serve is seriously decadent yet light enough to finish on after a heavy meal. The subtle flavours of coconut and honey mix with our 18 year old whisky to make a wonderfully refreshing digestif – it’s sweet, simple and sophisticated.

End your night with this coconut whisky cocktail to leave a lasting impression on your dinner guests. Made extra glam with a pandan leaf garnish.

Atholl Brose

Toast to the host as the Scots do with an Atholl Brose. This classic whisky cocktail comes from our friends north of the border, mixing all that’s good about bonnie Scotland. 

It starts with a helping of oatmeal water, prepared in advance to give this drink a delicious richness. Then honey, Drambuie and whisky are stirred into the mix with some cream before being strained into a glass. Slàinte Mhath! (Or cheers to us non-Scottish folk).

Atholl Brose

This Scottish classic is oats-so-simple. Whip this up after a dinner party to really up your hosting game.


The Guadalupe

Pineapple and lemon combine to give The Guadalupe a tropical flavour, which is as revitalising as it looks.


The Guadalupe

Swap your fruity dessert for this whisky pineapple cocktail to liven up the night. The tropical flavours of the Guadalupe are inspired by palm fringed holidays and lazy afternoons in the sun – what better way to reminisce?

But what really gives this drink a seriously impressive edge is the garnish. Keep the grill on after your backyard BBQ and pop some pineapple on to sizzle. The sweet, charred fruit adds a professional touch that’s worthy of any beach bar.

Scots Coffee

If you usually end the night with an Espresso Martini, then stick around, because the Scots Coffee is going to be right up your street. Made with added spritz and our finest blended whisky, this drink is the new caffeinated dessert cocktail on everyone’s lips. Once you go Scot, you’ll never go back.

This coffee and cream soda cocktail is made with extra sweetness to make a fuller drink you can enjoy for longer. Because desserts should be more than a sip, right?


Ballantine’s Hot Chocolate

Warm up on a winter night with this hot dessert cocktail. Our Whisky Hot Chocolate is sweet tooth’s dream, made with your favourite hot cocoa and Ballantine’s Finest. You really can’t go wrong. 

We’re all about the garnish when it comes to this cocktail – whipped cream, marshmallows, mint, fudge and chocolate syrup. There’s no such thing as too many toppings. What’ll be on yours?

Whisky Hot Chocolate

This whisky hot chocolate is a sweet tooth’s dream…  throw on all your favourite toppings, there’s no such thing as too much!


Festive New York Sour

Let’s be honest. No one’s got room for dessert after a roast dinner. But they will be able to comfortably enjoy a sweet and seasonal cocktail. Meet the New York Sour, a classic whisky drink that’s a real crowd pleaser post-dinner.

Our recipe has a slight festive variation that makes it even better when replacing a pud. Cinnamon, cloves and chopped pear add extra spiced sweetness to the whisky, red wine combo. So get shakin’.



If you need convincing that a whisky cocktail can be just as luxurious as a dessert, then look no further than the Boozy Chocolate Milkshake. This whisky dessert cocktail is pure indulgence.

Sweet and rich Ballantine’s Finest is combined with chocolate ice cream, milk chocolate and whipped cream for a grown up milkshake that would satisfy even the sweetest of teeth. Don’t forget the sprinkles and cherry on top for the final decadent touch.

Whisky Mango Lassi

Swap sticky mango and rice for our take on the classic Indian mocktail, the Whisky Mango Lassi. Deliciously fruity and warming to sip, this exotic drink is great for all seasons and gatherings. From your summer BBQs to those dark winter nights that need a little zest.

Make yours with mango juice, freshly squeezed lime and a pour of Ballantine’s Finest. It’s a pick me up worth remembering.


Sweet Vestige

Ooo honey, this sweet whisky cocktail is a must-have after any decadent dinner. If you’re looking to impress, this one’s a recipe to keep handy. And it’s nowhere near as complex to make as the flavours would have you believe. 

Rich fig, fresh ginger and honey delight the senses in this aromatic cocktail. Make it extra special with a pour of Ballantine’s 30 Year Old whisky. Our rich, sweet blend is incredibly luxurious, melting juicy notes of peach and pear with floral, vanilla oakiness.

Sweet Vestige

With notes of fig and honey, Sweet Vestige is an aromatic cocktail that delights the senses.


Electric Milk

Remember the days where you’d end the night on a glass of chocolate milk? Well we’re bringing it back; Ballantine’s style. Our new recipe calls for your favourite cocoa combo and Ballantine’s Finest to make a chilled, whisky chocolate cocktail that will evoke that nostalgic feeling. Strictly 18+ of course.

Top it with a giant toasted marshmallow for extra gooey sweetness. Who said adulting wasn’t fun?


Ever thought of using peanut butter in your whisky cocktails? The creamy texture of smooth peanut butter, along with its salty taste, make it a great companion for sweet and fruity Ballantine’s Finest.

Our peanut butter whisky cocktail is comforting, warming and satisfyingly salty yet sweet. You’ve got to try it to love it.



The Whisky Float puts an adult only twist on a childhood classic to create a moreish whisky dessert cocktail.

Almondy Amaretto blends deliciously with sweet Ballantine’s Finest, plus bubbly cola and creamy vanilla ice cream for a luxurious whisky float experience where every sip will be savoured.


Eastern Promise

Feeling fruity? Give this scotch lime cocktail a go and you’ll be a hosting hit. 

Eastern Promise is a zesty digestif that’ll waken up the senses after a post-meal slump. Citrus fruits, mint and a hint of marzipan make it a match made in flavour heaven. The ultimate last act of a tantalising dinner. Serve after spiced dishes or an Asian menu to finish on a refreshing high.

Eastern Promise

The scent of citrus spliced with a hint of marzipan makes Eastern Promise a tantalisingly zesty cocktail.


There’s no wrong way to drink Ballantine’s. But if you’re after more inspiration, don’t miss our collection of whisky cocktail recipes. There’s something for everyone, from refreshing whisky drinks to variations on the whisky sour.

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