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The best RZA tracks to savour with a whisky drink

RZA Scotland

The Stay True lifestyle is all about authenticity, unforgettable experiences and creativity – three things which RZA and Ballantine’s have in common. There is great power in collaboration, and in the sharing of art. The art of RZA’s music, and the art of distilling Ballantine’s whisky, have the necessary parallels and similarities to create a bona fide collaboration. And to say we’re excited would be an understatement.


You have to trust the process in both the making of good whisky and the production of new music. Art is not linear, and whether it’s a hot new track or smooth Scotch, it is a whole journey full of ups and downs. But throughout it all, we stay true, keep it real, and we stay loyal to the process.

As we launch this partnership with the hip hop legend, Kung Fu master and celebrated filmmaker and producer that is RZA, we want to take the time to talk through that process and share some of our favourite Bobby Diggs beats to immerse ourselves in while you enjoy a glass of Ballantine’s Scotch.

Keep reading to see how this collision of two worlds makes total sense…

Ballantine's Passion sour drink with Bottle

Dance to La Rhumba with a Passion Sour

La Rhumba is one of our top songs from RZAs second solo album, Digital Bullet. This 2001 collection was released under RZA’s infamous pseudonym of Bobby Digital, and continues to tell the story of this futuristic alter ego.

Rhumba music and dance take inspiration from Afro-Cuban beats and sultry Son Cubano style, and these influences ooze from this sexy track in spades. RZA’s straight talking lyrics contrast with a seductive Spanish refrain to make this the perfect track to turn up while sipping a Passion Sour.

Passion fruit and lime juice give this classic whisky cocktail a tropical twist – close your eyes, take a sip, soak in the beat and transport yourself to a steamy bar somewhere in Havana.

Get to know B.O.B.B.Y. with a Bobby Burns

There are two important Bobby’s in our life, and both happen to be extraordinary wordsmiths. 

Our Bobby Burns whisky cocktail may have been made to honour Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, but we don’t think he’d mind sharing it with a fellow poet.

This sophisticated beverage combines Ballantine’s Finest whisky with spiced sweet vermouth and Bénédictine with sharp lemon. So we think it’s only fitting to enjoy alongside RZA’s first album as Bobby Digital, Bobby Digital in Stereo, specifically the second track, B.O.B.B.Y.

ballantines bobby burns whisky cocktail
B7 Old Fashioned

Live Your Own Rhythm  with an Old Fashioned

After a fourteen year hiatus from releasing music under his Bobby Digital persona, RZA brought us a whole host of new Bobby Digital beats in 2022.

A stand out title is Live your Own Rhythm, the outro to Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes. Living life according to your own rules goes hand in hand with our Stay True ethos, and how we urge everyone to enjoy Ballantine’s whisky in their own unique way.

A quintessential Old Fashioned whisky cocktail is the ideal tipple to sip while you listen to this highly anticipated album. The Old Fashioned can be traced all the way back to 1880, and yet it still feels fresh and contemporary today. Our version is a perfect blend of Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel Finish whisky, brown sugar, orange bitters and ice. It demonstrates that with a super solid foundation, you’re free to tweak and experiment to your heart’s desire, with the security of a strong cornerstone always on your side.

Contemplate the Fate of the World with Ballantine’s Finest on the rocks

RZA also gifted us with a collaborative album with DJ Scratch in 2022, Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theatre. As believers in the magic of collaboration, we had to include a track from the collection. Fate of the World is an empowering philosophical piece about people of all backgrounds and beliefs coming together to make a better future… the fate of the world is in your hand. The soulful feel paired with a simple beat reminds us that sometimes, less is more. And this makes Ballantine’s whisky on the rocks the best drink to sip while taking in RZA’s powerful message.

Whisky is incredibly versatile – you can enjoy it within countless exotic cocktails and paired with various mixers, but it’s also an entire sensory experience all on its own.

Try golden Ballantine’s Finest with just a handful of ice cubes to experience its subtle sweetness and well rounded warming finish in dazzling clarity.

ballantines finest on the rocks tumbler scaled e1605792287825 aspect ratio 4 4

Get on your headphones and get out your cocktail shaker – the Stay True lifestyle is contagious. Find out more about our unparalleled partnership with RZA.

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