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The best Queen songs to jam along to with Ballantine’s

7 min read
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Queen are legendary. There’s no two ways about it. The band’s theatrical rock and pop sound shaped the music industry with over 50 years of chart topping hits and some of history’s most epic music videos.

So it’s a no brainer that Queen is one of our True Music Icons. A new range of limited edition Ballantine’s whisky that celebrates culture defining musicians. 

It’s pretty hard to make a shortlist of the best Queen songs. There’s over 70 to consider. But if you put us under pressure, we’d have to go with our top tracks listed below. So get your bottle of Ballantine’s X Queen limited edition and turn the stereo up to celebrate where iconic whisky meets iconic music. 

Radio Ga Ga

Listen to with a Gaga

Roger Taylor’s epic track is a love letter to good radio. Before music videos became the norm and stations became commercialised. With nostalgic references and a seriously catchy chant, it’s now a legendary song that influences modern day music icons, even inspiring Lady Gaga’s stage name.

Sit and listen to the track on the radio (never the TV) with a Gaga, our drink inspired by Queen. It’s simple, sweet and as easy on the taste buds as the track is on the ears.

The Gaga

You’ve yet to have your finest hour till you’ve tasted Gaga, our Queen x Ballantine’s inspired whisky sour cocktail.


I Want To Break Free

Listen to with a Passion Fruit Sour

Break free from stereotypes, tradition and judgement with Queen’s most empowering anthem. The liberating track is well remembered for its parody music video which features the band in drag, including Freddie Mercury’s iconic hoovering scene. It didn’t originally go down well on a global scale. But today it’s recognised as one of Queen’s best songs – and it’s pretty freeing to sing along to.

Shout out the lyrics with a Passion Fruit Sour, our own unique twist on a classic cocktail. Just like the song, it’s packed with passion and sure to put a smile on your face.

Passion Fruit Sour

A fruity and exotic twist on a classic puts this cocktail into the fancy-party league. Mix it up if you’re aiming to impress.


We Will Rock You

Listen to with a Cold Brew Kick

Everyone has stamped their feet and clapped along to this rock anthem. Inspired by a football crowd chant, We Will Rock You is now considered one of the greatest songs of all time and is the title behind Queen’s musical stage show. 

Equally punchy is a Cold Brew Kick, our coffee and whisky cocktail. It’s cool, caffeinated and guaranteed to wake up the night. Pour a round before this top 10 single blends into its second half, We Are The Champions.

Cold Brew Kick

Meet the cool, laid-back cousin to the Espresso Martini. Simple to make but still gets you those sophisticated host points.


Somebody To Love

Listen to with a Iced Sweet Tea

Somebody to Love is a gospel style track inspired by another True Music Icon, Aretha Franklin. The voices of Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Brian May are layered to create a choir-like sound with a strong ending message of hope. 

Somebody To Love is rumoured to be one of Freddie’s favourite songs and it’s definitely one of ours. The smooth sounding vocals could only be matched with a cocktail that’s just as smooth to drink. Like our Sweet Iced Tea. It’s comforting, sweet and a true classic.

Iced Sweet Tea

This sweet and refreshing pick-me-up is guaranteed to make you MVP of the BBQ. If it doesn’t rain, that is.


Under Pressure

Listen to with a Berry Beer

This 1981 single is what happens when two rock legends come together. Co-written with David Bowie, Under Pressure was created after a night of jamming and playing each other’s songs. A few hours later and an improvised version was born.

The track features epic vocals, an iconic intro and unforgettable bass line. It’s quirky and unusual, a bit like our Berry Beer. This surprising recipe is what happens when two great drinks collide. Whisky, beer and berries – what’s not to love?

Berry Beer

Ballantine’s, Beer & Blueberries? There’s no wrong way.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Listen to with a Lychee Sour

When you think of Queen, you think of Bohemian Rhapsody. There’s no doubt about it. This track is one of music history’s greatest, and for many, it’s the best song ever written. The band’s defining hit is a six-minute masterpiece combining everything from opera to a cappella and glam rock. It’s seriously entertaining and undeniably genius. 

A song this legendary needs an epic drink. And we reckon the unexpected flavours of a Lychee Sour are a perfect match. It’s fruity, refreshing and surprising. And will last at least six minutes as you scream out a few Mamma Mias and Galileos.

Lychee Sour

Fruity, zesty and takes less than 2 minutes to pour out a round. Shake up this eastern delight for some extra host points at your next party.


Don’t Stop Me Now

Listen to with a Whisky and Orange Fanta

Wanna feel unstoppable? Put this feel good track on your motivational playlist. Don’t Stop Me Now is one of Queen’s greatest hits and it’s not surprising why. The happy lyrics and powerful riffs get any listener on their feet. 

Pair it with a super fun drink like our Whisky and Orange Fanta. The fizz is popping, the flavours are pumping. An adults-only soda guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Whisky & Orange Fanta

Fruity. Fizzy. Fun times. It’s orange soda for adults, what’s not to like?


Killer Queen

Listen to with a Whisky Milkshake

It wasn’t until their third album Sheer Heart Attack that Queen had an international hit. Killer Queen was a turning point for the band, charting across Europe and the USA and making them recognisable worldwide rock legends.

The tongue-in-cheek track tells the story of a high-class call girl with a fan favourite reference to Marie Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake’. In true Marie style, we created the Whisky Milkshake, a rich, creamy dessert like cocktail where nothing is too much. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Whisky Milkshake

Rich and creamy with a kick. If you can’t decide between dessert or whisky, this shake is for you. Strictly for over 18’s.


Don’t miss your chance to grab a limited edition bottle of Ballantine’s X Queen to use in our collection of whisky drinks. More cocktails to mix with your favourite hits.

Limited Edition Series

Ballantine’s True Music Icons: Queen

The Queen limited edition bottle takes inspiration from Queen’s Greatest Hits II album with a crest designed by Freddie Mercury, whilst staying true to our classic Finest bottle!

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