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The best drinks to sip if you love a Whisky Sour

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The Whisky Sour is a classic cocktail. The recipe hasn’t changed much in the last 150 years – and for good reason. Whisky, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup create its signature sweet and sour flavour. Whilst frothy egg white keeps things silky smooth. 

Whilst we love to stay true to the original, we also have fun mixing things up. Our Whisky Sour recipe adds a dash of bitters for extra kick. And you can also replace lemon for lime, or egg white for vegan-friendly aquafaba. But simple swaps aside, there’s also plenty of similar serves to the Whisky Sour if you want to branch out further.

From fruity twists to modern cocktails that have become their own classic recipes, here’s the best drinks that are similar to a Whisky Sour.


The Penicillin cocktail adds extra heat to the traditional sour base of spirit, sugar and citrus fruit. It’s fiery, strong and packed with so much flavour you’ll be reaching for more.

Blended scotch whisky and lemon juice are mixed with honey and ginger syrup to create the perfect balance of spice, sweetness and zingy citrus. Then comes a float of peaty Islay whisky for a punch of smokiness.

Honey Sour

Keep things smooth with the Honey Sour. This warming sipper comes with extra sweetness, so silky there’s no need for a frothy top. 

Swap sugar syrup for honey syrup or agave nectar to get that natural sweet flavour that mixes with lemon and whisky. We use Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel for extra layers of sweet creaminess.

Whisky and Lemon Soda

If you like a sour’s whisky and lemon combo but want it to last longer, then keep reading. There’s plenty of ways to mix up this classic pairing. 

A whisky and lemon soda highball is a super simple alternative when you want a quick drink with all the flavour. Try a classic Scotch and Lemonade for sweet, bubbly goodness. Or make things fresh with a Whisky and Sprite, perfect for summer sessions.

cranberry orange whisky sour cocktail Ballantine's

Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour

Put a festive spin on the original sour recipe. The Cranberry Orange Whisky Sour is a little longer and a lot fruitier, perfect for those holiday parties.

Cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh lime come together with whisky and sugar syrup. With a fizzy top of ginger beer to replace the classic frothy layer. Serve with plenty of ice and a fruity garnish.

Speyside Spritz

Make a Whisky Sour, but make it sparkling. This recipe is our take on a French 75 with whisky. And it’s so, so good.

The twist is in the bubbles. Add Prosecco, champagne or apple cider to your Whisky Sour base and garnish your flute glass with a lemon twist. It’s a drink designed for celebrating with.

Hot Toddy

A cocktail as classic as a Whisky Sour, but with added heat. Try a Hot Toddy on a cold evening next time you’ve got that sour craving. It tastes just as good but is served warm for keeping cosy. 

Whisky and lemon is mixed with honey and boiling water for a longer serve that’s garnished with cinnamon and cloves. This is as good as it gets when it comes to winter cocktail hour.

Old Fashioned

If you like a Whisky Sour and haven’t yet tried an Old Fashioned then you’re in for a treat. This old American cocktail is as classic as it gets. The OG whisky drink.

Instead of lemon, this recipe mixes a free dashes of aromatic bitters to flavour the whisky and sugar combo. It’s short, sweet and so smooth. A must try for any whisky lover.

Flying Scotsman

Take a classic Whisky Sour up a notch with our fiery twist. It’s red hot and guaranteed to get guests talking.

Using RZA Presents: Ballantine’s X Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce, this spicy Whisky Sour redefines cocktail hour for good. One sip and you’ll be seeing much more sriracha in your drinks.

spicy whisky sour cocktail recipe Ballantine's

Pomegranate Sour

This one’s perfect for those who like things fruity. The Pomegranate Whisky Sour is rich and sweet, balanced by the zesty zing of fresh lemon.

Using pomegranate syrup and our blended American Barrel whisky, it’s a smooth sipping experience you’ll want to share with friends.

New York Sour

When you’re feeling seasonal, make sure to make our festive take on the New York Sour. It’s got plenty of ingredients and plenty of flavour. With a signature frothy top nod to the classic Whisky Sour recipe.

A red wine float is what makes this cocktail stand out for the holiday season. Pear, cinnamon and cloves also give it a Christmassy flavour kick, infused together in a hot spiced pear syrup.


The Paperplane is what happens when a Whisky Sour meets a bittersweet Negroni style serve. It’s simple and hits all the right notes, like all the best classic cocktails.

Whisky and lemon are stirred with Aperol and Amaro Nonino instead of Campari or sugar syrup. The result is a straight talking drink with a smooth, tart taste.

Eastern Promise

Swap lemons for limes with Eastern Promise. This whisky lime cocktail is tantalisingly zesty, made with orange Curacao and orgeat to get a hint of sweet marzipan.

Serve with a dehydrated lime wheel and fresh mint for a taste of the tropics. It’s the perfect summer alternative to a classic sour recipe.

Get more whisky cocktail recipes to make with Ballantine’s. There’s even more variations on a classic Whisky Sour, plus sour cocktails that’ll make you pout.

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