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11 whisky drinks to sip and serve on 4th of July weekend

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Take your Fourth of July plans up a notch this year with drinks worthy of the annual celebration. Whether you’re an old time whisky lover or here for creative cocktail inspiration, these recipes are sure to kickstart your Independence Day with a bang as big as the fireworks.

From patriotic colour schemes to summer BBQ cocktails, here’s our shortlist of the best 4th of July whisky drinks to sip and serve for whatever you have planned for the weekend.

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Apple Cider Slushie

A slushie is the perfect summer party beverage, and this grown up Apple Cider Slushie made with Ballantine’s Finest and hard cider is guaranteed to get the party started at your Fourth of July bash. Whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup and apple cider are combined with plenty of crushed ice to create a fruity Fourth of July whisky drink that will cool down your guests while turning up the good vibes.

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Berry Pitcher

If you’re hosting a crowd this 4th of July, you’re gonna need a batch cocktail recipe that’ll keep everyone happy (and hydrated) all night long. Enter the Berry Pitcher, a whisky and cranberry juice combo that’s sweet, fruity and super easy to make. The berry and red apple garnish adds extra presentation points and just so happens to be in keeping with the patriotic theme. Top marks all round.

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Kentucky Mule

Pay homage to the Kentucky state with this zingy twist on a classic Moscow Mule. This scotch whisky mule is the ultimate cocktail for your 4th of July backyard BBQ, serving you fiery ginger, fresh lime and smooth, sweet scotch. Pour it once, or make it batch to last all night long.

Sweet iced tea

Summer calls for sweet iced tea so obviously summer celebrations call for sweet iced tea cocktails. This refreshing pick-me-up is a guaranteed crowd pleaser from noon till night – perfect for those mid-afternoon BBQs that last until the early hours.

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Berry Beer

Shake up a cocktail that’ll keep the lager lovers happy with our whisky beer cocktail. The addition of smooth scotch whisky, fresh blueberries and honey adds a sweet, fruity finish that results in a berry red serve. It’s like it was made for the 4th of July.

ballantines finest berry beer
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Irn Bru and Whisky

While the Fourth of July is all about celebrating the United States, we think this Scottish Irn Bru and whisky cocktail will be a real crowd pleaser at your celebrations. Many Americans have Scottish ancestry after all.
Mix a 50ml measure of sweet and spicy Ballantine’s Finest with citrusy Irn Bru for a thirst-quenching Fourth of July whisky drink. It’s a Scottish tradition to debate what Irn-Bru tastes like, and we reckon your party guests will enjoy taking part.

Whisky Shake - Ice Cream Milkshake Cocktail

Whisky Milkshake

Swap dessert for cocktail hour this 4th of July with our Whisky Milkshake, a drink that really does taste as good as it looks. It’s got ice cream, milk, chocolate and of course, Ballantine’s Finest whisky to finish off with a smooth and lightly spiced creaminess. But what really makes this cocktail special is the toppings. 4th of July is all about celebrating – so don’t hold back when it comes to your garnish. Donuts, cookies, popcorn – you name it, do it.

ballantines 7 oldfashioned scaled aspect ratio 4 4

Old Fashioned

When better to try a classic American whisky drink than the 4th of July? The Old Fashioned is a staple cocktail recipe that dates back to the 19th century – not quite as long ago as Independence Day but close enough. Traditionally it calls for bourbon, but just like how we’ve all evolved since America declared independence, the recipe has too. Ours calls for Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel for extra sweet creaminess.

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Whisky Sour

Nothing beats a Whisky Sour, no matter the occasion. This classic Prohibition cocktail combines lemon, sugar and whisky for a sweet and sour serve. But go ahead and make it your way, adding a fruity twist or even sweeter flavour. We’ve got plenty of Whisky Sour variations to get you inspired, including our Cherry Whisky Sour for a patriotic red serve.

Spiced Julep

Ever had a ginger mint julep? If you haven’t, you’re in for a spicy, sweet treat. If you have, well you know what we’re talking about. This cocktail might look like your standard julep; a classic whisky, mint and sugar combo. But inside you’ll find a fiery fresh ginger surprise that’ll add even more fireworks to your 4th of July weekend.

ballantines finest spiced julep aspect ratio 4 4
orange whisky highball

OJ Highball

Pour a tall one that you can sip from BBQ to bedtime with a classic whisky orange highball. The mix of Ballantine’s 10 year old whisky, orange juice, lemon soda and triple sec is super easy to make yet remains unsurprisingly delicious. The ultimate adult-only addition to a family gathering.

Looking for more ways to celebrate with Ballantine’s? From the usuals to the unusuals, we’ve got a whole library of whisky cocktails to shake up and serve throughout the year. Get ready for touchdown with our Super Bowl cocktails ideas or fuel those hot summer evenings with our refreshing cocktail pitchers.

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