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PWR Records

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PWR records was born in 2016 to empower more women through music.

PWR is a career development and management platform within the music ecosystem with an emphasis on empowering women. They promote autonomy, with a positive social impact, so that women-artists recognize their creative powers and achieve careers in music.

They are a label, agency, producer and podcast with a careful and attentive look at the music produced by the new generation of women artists, whether through authorial projects or offering training initiatives.


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“In 2016 we were touring around Brazil and we realised that there were very few women on the stages and backstage. So we realised that we could do something to bring more visibility to these women”

Santuri East Africa Ballantine's True Music Fund 2023
True Music

True Music Fund

It’s time to take action. That’s why we have launched the True Music Fund. A £100,000 fund to support grassroots organisations actively working to achieve diversity and inclusion in music culture.

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