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Stay True

dancer doing a hand stand with speakers in the background


We’re all unique. One-offs. Originals.

So, discover what makes you ‘you’.

Have the strength to stand by it.

Turn off all the expectations and throw yourself

into new and exciting experiences.

Build the confidence to ride the highs and deal with the lows.

Because when you realise that there’s no wrong way to live,

Suddenly every choice that you make, can be the right one.

So, let’s raise a glass to being yourself,

Wherever it may lead. Stay true.

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Stay True

City Guides

Ballantine’s Stay True Cities brings you the sights, sounds, tastes & people from our favourite cities around the world.

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Introducing Ballantine’s x Joshua Vides

Some artists paint with oils. Others create digitally via their laptops.

And to some, the whole world is a blank canvas. They’re our favourite type, the ones that know there’s no wrong way to express themselves.

Ballantines Ltd Edition Joshua Vides
ballantines shawna x indoor talent
Stay True

Limited Edition Series

Every year we partner with a creative to design our limited-edition series, championing those who do things their own way.

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