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Sweeten up the night with these honey whisky drinks

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Honey is a must-have ingredient for any cocktail maker. Nature’s sugary syrup sweetens up any drink, adding that recognisable hint of floral pureness. It works with almost any flavour. Citrus, rich berries, spice, chocolate… you name it. All you gotta do is stir it in.

But whisky and honey? Now that’s a match made. They’re both smooth, sweet and slightly spiced. Each characterised by the landscape in which they’re made.

Lots of our whiskies have a detectable hint of honey. Take Ballantine’s Finest for example, our signature blend. The light gold liquid has a soft, heather honey aroma and floral after-taste. 

So if you’re looking to make up something sweet during cocktail hour, a whisky honey drink is the way to go. Here’s our favourites.

Honey & Cinnamon Highball

Sweetness and spice come together in this super zesty drink. The Honey & Cinnamon Highball is reminiscent of the comforting flavours of a Hot Toddy. But this recipe calls for ice. 

It calls for a few ingredients to get that complex taste – lemon, cinnamon, honey, ginger beer and whisky – but it’s super easy to make. A great pick for festive gatherings and winter nights with the stereo on.

Honey & Cinnamon Highball - Whisky Recipe -

Whisky, Honey & Cinnamon Highball

Fresh, sweet and super zesty. It’s got all the deliciously satisfying flavours of a Hot Toddy, but this time, we’ve poured it on the rocks.


Honey Old Fashioned

Elevate a classic with the taste of golden honey. A traditional Whisky Old Fashioned gets its sweetness from a sugar cube that’s soaked with bitters and muddled into a paste. But if you like your sugar natural, or fancy a more floral serve, it can easily be replaced with honey.Mix in a teaspoon of honey to the bitters before cooling with ice. It’ll really highlight those soft toffee notes of Ballantine’s 7 American Barrel, our blended scotch whisky finished in American barrels to achieve extra creamy sweetness.

Hot Toddy

You can’t beat a hot honey drink to soothe away a cold night. And when it comes to the ultimate hot honey drink, a Hot Toddy wins by a landslide. This medicinal cocktail is rumoured to kick a mean cold. We can’t say whether that’s true or not, but nothing’s quite as comforting.

The killer combo of honey, cinnamon and lemon is joined by smooth, scotch whisky to make this slow sipper. Keep a batch on the stove to warm you up all night long.

ballantines finest hot toddy drink new

Hot Toddy

Curl up by the fire and stir some spice into the cold evenings this winter with this warming classic.


Honey & Ginger Highball

Another remix of the classic whisky highball. This one’s a real crowd pleaser, guaranteed to impress when you whip out a round. The Honey & Ginger Highball has a complex flavour. Using our 15 Year Old single malt, it highlights the individual notes of the whisky and honey, marrying them together with spice, sweetness and a herbal garnish.

ballantines glenburgie honey ginger highball

Honey & Ginger Highball

Honey, orange and rosemary is one of the most classic flavour combinations, and mixing the three with Glenburgie Single Malt felt natural, as it creates a lovely, long highball, with subtle herbaceousness, gentle spice and natural sweetness.


Honey Whisky Sour

Our Shaolin Sour is what happens when a Hot Toddy and Whisky Sour come together. Otherwise known as a Gold Rush. From our Ballantine’s X RZA inspired cocktail collection, it’s a sharp sipper so buckle up. The Honey Sour is a triple threat of whisky, honey and lemon. Simple and sweet with a citrus kick.

Honey and Lemon Whisky Sour Cocktail Recipe - Ballantine's

Ballantine’s x RZA: Honey Whisky Sour

Harness tiger style, this sharp sipper ain’t nothing ta f’wit. Meet the Shaolin Sour, a RZA inspired take on a classic Whisky Sour cocktail.



If you fancy turning a Honey Whisky Sour up a notch, try it with hot honey. This sweet and spicy nectar makes a delicious accompaniment to all sorts of food, from pizza and cheese boards, to fried chicken and fresh warm sourdough.But did you know it also makes a pretty special honey whisky drink?

We like to add a drizzle of hot honey to our classic Whisky Sour cocktail, plus some chilli slices to garnish, for a fresh take on this timeless beverage. The Hot Honey Cocktail is modern, spicy and delicious.

Honey Lemonade

A Scotch and Lemonade is a seriously refreshing duo. Perfect for summer sessions and simple whisky drinking. But if you fancy adding extra sweetness to this citrus mix, a spoonful of honey is the way to go.

Mix the honey and whisky into a highball glass before adding lemonade, a lemon or lime wedge garnish and plenty of ice.


Find more ways to drink Ballantine’s in our collection of whisky cocktails. There’s something for every flavour pairing. Apple whisky drinks, cinnamon and ginger cocktails, cherry flavoured serves… you name it, we got it.

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